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Junction: The Intersection of Innovation and Control

See how we're building the future of controlled rollout technology.

The Power of Controlled Rollouts: Software Development Lessons from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

What can software engineers learn from Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Plenty. As we build and ship new products it's important to protect customers from failure. Controlled rollouts give us a powerful tool to slowly introduce new features, thoroughly testing them as they go live.

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Our new JIRA Software integration: create, update and view issues—directly from your rollout event stream.

We’ve taken our integration further with a massive update to our JIRA connection. Here’s an early preview.

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Graceful Degradation: Building Planned Failure Into Your App

When we think about app infrastructure planning, we often ask how will it scale. Equally important though, is how will it fail. You might not be able to 100% prevent failure, but you can mitigate its impact on your customers by building the the capacity for failure, or graceful degradation, into your app.

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