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Feature Flags + Data

If you want to do more with less, then you’ve got to release faster. There are a number of ways to achieve this, from trunk-based development to testing in production and beyond. Yes feature flags are core to these practices, but to truly take your release velocity to the next level, that requires feature observability of every flag. Split gives you this by connecting causal analysis data to feature flags for the confidence to ship like lightning. 

7 Practices for a Quick Release

The Split Feature Data Platform™ is one way to help you achieve these best practice capabilities.

Testing in Production

Eliminate surprises and unknowns by testing features live and in production. Split’s feature flags help control and target your code so you execute quickly and safely.

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Progressive Delivery

When you release small and often, you reduce complexity and limit the blast radius. Which means you’re rarely slowed down by big blowups. Progressively rollout, bit by bit, to expanding audiences with Split.

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Canary Release

Quickly validate whether a feature you release is helping or hurting on just a small population of users. Split’s feature flags give you the risk reduction of canary tests with the flexibility to control individual features as you go.

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Blue-Green Deployment

Service upgrades shouldn’t require planned outages. Skip the downtime with a blue-green deployment strategy. Feature flags improve upon them with granular controls for individual features in a release.

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Continuous Delivery

Always be in a state where you can deploy to production. Favor small, autonomous changes that can be delivered to users rapidly and reliably. Split takes you from commit to customer in a flash with feature flags attached to a continuous feedback loop of impact data. 

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If you can minimize dependencies and the need to coordinate across large applications, you’ll find ‘ease’ in release. Split enables loosely coupled releases of complex features without heavy management.

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Trunk-Based Dev

Want to find the fast lane of software development? Avoid the traffic jams caused by long-lived feature branches and merge directly to the trunk instead. Split’s feature flags are the key driver.

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Customer Stories

“Some say you’ve got to pick between resilience and speed. I think that’s a totally false statement. You don’t have to do one or the other. If you do it right, speed creates resiliency.”

Geoff Rayback, Engineering Manager

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“Split provides so much more than just a toolset change. You know, it sounds simple, feature toggles, but it’s transformative in nature. It’s transformative for the teams in terms of the culture we adopt.”

Mizra Baig, Senior VP of Engineering, Experian

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“We went from a release cadence of every two weeks to multiple times a day. Mistakes will happen, but we know we can recover quickly.”

Andrew Boellstorff, Senior Product Manager, Speedway Motors

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Ignite features that matter fast with the Split Feature Data Platform.