Split and Jira: Supporting Progressive Delivery

What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay Here

Split is at Atlassian Team 23 in Las Vegas this week, and we’re excited to be with the Atlassian community as we unveil a new offering for Jira Software Cloud customers. Split’s Feature Data PlatformTM is an integral part of Atlassian’s Open DevOps/Progressive Delivery software development approach and is now featured inside Jira’s new Release Hub. So development teams can access our feature flags with ease— and enjoy granular visibility into issue progress, release readiness, as well as experience controlled rollouts across teams.

Split’s Feature Data Platform pairs data with the speed and reliability of feature flags to help product development teams experiment and measure the impact of every feature. Split’s Jira integration links issues and feature flags within Jira so teams can stay up-to-date on project and release statuses on both platforms. As a result, customers can release faster, and more efficiently and deliver features that matter. 

With Split’s Jira integration, customers can:

  • Coordinate across teams – allow engineers and project managers to view and share release and project statuses easily
  • Mitigate technical debt – quickly determine if a feature is fully released and ready for code cleanup
  • Streamline adoption of progressive delivery – encourage engineers to gate every feature behind a flag by making it part of the issue-creation process

The old adage “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply here. With our new offer, customers may qualify to receive up to 35% off Split’s paid packages—and we want to spread the word!  Learn more

Already a Split and Jira Software Cloud customer? Download Split from Atlassian’s marketplace to start your progressive delivery journey. Learn more. 

And if you’re at Team 23 and want to see a live demo and get some fun Split swag, visit the Atlassian Customer Success Hub / Marketplace & Integrations Booth to learn more. 

Deliver Features That Matter, Faster with Split

Split is a feature management platform that attributes insightful data to everything you release. Whether your team is looking to test in production, perform gradual rollouts, or experiment with new features–Split ensures your efforts are safe, visible, and highly impactful. What a Release. Get going with a free account today, Schedule a demo to learn more, or contact us for further questions and support.