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Metrics Reference

Guide to Split's Product Metrics

Below you will find a list of some of the metrics you can create in Split’s platform. Click into any metric to open a complete guide on that metric.

Active Users

Active user counts are most useful viewed over time to get insights into growth, engagement, and user retention.


Measuring errors alongside feature flags leads to faster issue identification, response, and resolution.


Track user-entered fields and forms such as radio buttons, checkboxes, sliders, and dropdowns.

Page Views

Use page view counts and rates in conjunction with other metrics to construct ratios and funnels.


For ecommerce and subscription apps, track purchase value, count, frequency, and rate.

Rage Clicks

Identify areas of user frustration by measuring rapidly repeated clicks on an element or area of the screen.


Construct engagement metrics such as session start and end, entry and exit rates, and session length.

Shopping Cart

Track changes to a shopping cart to measure cart size, value, completion, and abandonment metrics.

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