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Triage Instantly

Detect and Resolve

If you’re practicing progressive delivery or doing a canary release to limit the blast radius, you need a way to quickly identify and resolve issues to safely move forward. Split makes detection and triage automatic. By watching every release with feature-level observability, you’ll get actionable alerts on how your feature is impacting things. Know if it’s helping or hurting, eliminate unnecessary risk, and keep the bugs from biting.

Key Practices With Instant Triage at the Core

Progressive Delivery

Reduce risk by limiting the blast radius of every release. Then, slowly ramp up your delivery as you triage errors on the fly. Split lets you target a progressively larger user set, while alerting you to every feature’s impact. 

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Canary Release

Validate whether a feature is making things better or worse for a small subset of users before rolling things out to all of your customers. Split gives you the flexibility to control and triage canary tests–one by one.

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AI Rollouts

Automate the development and deployment of new features without the risk of breaking things. With Split, you can put your AI features behind feature flags and know the exact causation and location of any harmful effects on metrics.

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Customer Stories

Thanks to Split fire drills and hotfixes are no longer a thing at Bynder. 

“We have in total about 14 teams working on our digital asset management platform. All of the teams are using Split”

Roale Bankras, Senior VP of Engineering, Bynder

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“Adopting Split means we can keep releasing code but make features accessible only when we need them to be, and with the click of a button.”

Chris Conrad, VP of Engineering, WePay

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“As we ramped up our usage of Split, engineering teams could see everything went smoothly. Now every feature and code change we make is wrapped in a Split feature flag”

Russell Melick, Engineering Manager, Vida Health

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Ignite features that matter fast with the Split Feature Data Platform.