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Targeting Rules

Drive Feature Delivery With Precision Control

Deliver your features exactly when and where you want them with Split’s powerful targeting rules. And when you gain control, you let go of worry.

Experience the Difference Granular Targeting Makes

Safely test in production: only your team sees new features

Conduct beta tests and early adopter programs

Do canary tests and progressive delivery to limit blast radius

Ship more often to customers who like change and less often to those who don’t

Gradual Rollouts Let You Learn Without Getting Burned

All or nothing releases lead to outages and late night war rooms. But when you’re doing gradual rollouts with Split, you can safely learn about issues without disrupting significant numbers of users. Most importantly, Split points you to resolutions quickly and without losing sleep.

Customize Your Rollouts

If you’ve only worked with all-or-nothing on/off toggles in the past, then you’re in for a treat with Split.

Need to test in production, or provide early access?

Split lets you individually target users, accounts, devices, or other entities based on their unique ID.

Want to personalize based on something your app knows about a user?

Target based on attributes, such as account tier, account age, device type, or account balance.

Want to canary test your release with just a few users?

Target by percentage of any population, where Split assigns a random and consistent bucket number to each user from 0-99. For example, a 10% rollout would deliver the feature to buckets 0-9.

Split’s SDKs Deliver Lightning-Fast Targeting

Re-evaluate targeting rules with zero-latency mid-session.Split’s decision engine client and server-side SDKs perform just-in-time flag evaluations without making additional network calls, even if evaluation inputs change mid-session.

Know Who Saw Which Version of Your Code

    In addition to zero-latency decisions, you also get an accurate record of who actually saw what. With Split, there’s no need to pre-evaluate all flags at app launch, because you can call getTreatment at the exact moment you need it with no performance hit.

Target Via Private Data Without the Risk of Leaking It

Sensitive customer data attributes (like user age, marital status, or health information) are sent to our SDK for targeting, but they never leave your application for external evaluation or storage. This means they never end up sitting in access logs, where they could be breached.

Split gives me a lot of confidence in our releases as we are able to customize our rollouts, and even roll back quickly if needed. It also allows us to target certain segments that we’d like to release to prior to others.”

Ben Stevens, GUIDEcx

Customer Stories

“Adopting Split means we can keep releasing code but make features accessible only when we need them to be, and with the click of a button.”

Chris Conrad, VP Engineering, WePay

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