Release Notes

October 9, 2018

Security Framework

  • US Privacy Shield Certification
    Split is amending and expanding our Privacy Policy to be US Privacy Shield compliant. Learn more in our blog.

October 5, 2018

Management Console

  • Enhancements to Split’s experiment attribution & exclusion logic
    Users are now allowed to move between targeting rules once and are allowed one unique rule and treatment change. Before this change, a change in treatments caused users to be removed from the sample. With this change, it is now possible to target customers using an attribute that when changed will result in a different treatment. Learn more in our blog or in our documentation.

September 27, 2018

Integration Enhancements

  • Support for integration with Segment as both a source and destination
    Split can now be both a data destination and a source for Segment. As a destination, Split supports the identify, group, track, page, and screen specs from Segment. As a source, data will flow from Split into Segment as a track type with the event name get_treatment. Learn more in our blog or in our documentation.

September 25, 2018

SDK Enhancements

  • Support for Split Manager on Android and iOS
    With the Split Manager, it is now possible to get information regarding all of the Splits available to the client. Learn more in our documentation for the Android SDK and for the iOS SDK.
  • Support for Split getTreatments() on iOS
    In some instances, you may want to evaluate treatments for multiple splits at once. You can use the getTreatments method of the Split client to do this. Learn more in our documentation.

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