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Test & Iterate Quickly

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Without Limits

If you want to optimize the efficacy of your software features, testing and experimentation are imperative. But how do you accomplish things quickly and safely? Split helps you conduct tests and experiments without putting your core infrastructure at risk or slowing down the development process. Plus, with metrics attached to every feature flag, Split can track test results against your key business goals. 

Testing Strategies for Success

A/B Testing

Test hypotheses and iterate features to let the best versions rise to the top. By combining web, mobile, and server-side feature flags with customer data, Split helps maximize feature impact across all corners of your application. 

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Beta Testing

Reduce the risk of releasing a new feature and get instant feedback by rolling it out to beta groups. Split targets and segments beta users with feature flags and grants permissions to all team members to watch the impact.

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Hypothesis-Driven Development

Eliminate assumptions and reframe software development as a series of changes, outcomes, and measurable results. Split pairs feature flags with event data from a wide range of sources, enabling feature-level analysis of every move.

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Try a hypothesis with many possible solutions. And do it without wasting time. Split makes adding multiple treatments to your experiment easy, automatically calculating statistics, and presenting crystal clear results.

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Testing in Production

In a live environment, you can gain more accurate results around the efficacy of every feature. Split makes testing in production possible with individual targeting that exposes changes only to your internal teams.

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AI Rollouts

Automate the development and deployment of new features without the risk of breaking things. With Split, you can put your AI features behind feature flags and know the exact causation of any harmful results.

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Customer Stories

“Split’s full-stack experimentation platform has been built with engineering and product teams in mind. Its robust architecture and rich feature set integrates into our internal platforms, empowering experimentation across the organization.”

Laura Schaffer, Product Manager, Twilio

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“Mentimeter is a better product due to the experimentation we are able to do with Split.”

Jakob Nettelbladt, VP of Product, Mentimeter

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Before Split, Moneyfarm’s home grown feature flag tool wasn’t enough. Now with Split their experimentation is fully optimized.

“Split really simplified tasks which were previously either entirely impossible or really expensive.”

Product Manager, Moneyfarm

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