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Transform Patient Experience

Software is changing the face of healthcare with telemedicine, online pharmacies, and more. Improving feature delivery speeds up software development time and ensures patient experience measurably improves.

Feature delivery uses in healthcare

Make updates directly 
in production

Dynamic configs let teams change 
in-product pricing, messaging, 
and more.

Accelerate app development

Separate deploy from release, reducing 
release coordination.

Match new features to 
user needs

Deliver features to patients and providers at different cadences.

Match releases to 
regulatory requirements

Release new features and services as they are approved.

Speed up mobile 
app releases

Push code changes as you develop them. Turn on and off features after they are deployed via an app store.

Keep patient 
data private

Segment patients and providers while keeping user targeting info in 
your app.

Reduce Release Risk and Drive Faster Innovation

“Split allowed us to bring new features to our members faster and with less risk.”

Julian Gutierrez Ferrera, Sr. Software Engineering Manager, Healthfirst

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Unleash the Creative Process in Software Development

“Split has allowed Vida to test our mobile application in a way we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.”

Russell Melick, Engineering Manager, Vida

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