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Improve Developer Happiness

Bring Back the Joy of Building

Product development teams are pressured to move fast, and it’s taking a toll on processes, products, and morale. The last thing you want is for your devs to burn out. Reignite cultures with tools that promote dev happiness. By automating tedious tasks and making releases painless, Split brings focus to the creative aspects of software development. Not to mention productivity gets the extra boost it needs.

How to Ignite Teams Without Burning Them Out

Testing In Production

In a live environment, devs gain control to test new features without exposing them to external users. Split’s feature flags create the psychological safety for them to do this with autonomy.

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Progressive Delivery

Reduce risk by limiting the blast radius of every release. Then, slowly ramp up your delivery as you triage errors on the fly. With Split, say goodbye to big bang releases that kept the team on call throughout the night.

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Canary Release

Quickly validate whether a feature is making things better or worse for a small subset of users before rolling things out to all of your customers. Split feature flags reduce risk and keep your engineers from sweating the process.

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Customer Stories

The psychological safety of feature flags is tantamount to the developer experience. We figure out which tests we want to run and which ideas we want to model. Then we discuss, debate, and prioritize ideas on the roadmap.

Mike Sherov, Principal Engineer, Skillshare

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“Mentimeter is a better product due to the experimentation we are able to do with Split.”

-Jakob Nettelbladt, VP of Product at Mentimeter

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“Split really simplified tasks which were previously either entirely impossible or really expensive.”

Product Manager at Moneyfarm

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Ignite features that matter fast with the Split Feature Data Platform.