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Split Blog

We write about feature management, continuous delivery, and experimentation.

Managing Feature Flags at Scale – Retire your Flags

By: Pete Hodgson

Teams working with feature flags usually come to the conclusion that a large number of active flags isn’t necessarily a good thing. While each active feature flag in your system delivers some benefit, each flag also comes with a cost. This blog post explains those costs and how to avoid them.

Managing Feature Flags at Scale – Categorize Your Feature Flags

By: Pete Hodgson

Feature flagging systems can sometimes become victims of their own success. The benefits of feature flagging along with the broad applicability of the technique can lead to rapid adoption within an organization, and pretty soon the number of active flags can start to feel overwhelming. One way to keep your flags manageable is to introduce a categorization system.

Editing Splits is Now Faster Than Ever

By: Ed Sawma

Our product and engineering teams recently did a deep dive with our customers to understand how they used the current Split editor. We discovered several ways that the editor could be improved to save customers time and make it easier to use. Here’s a list of improvements we made to the Split editor.

Split Makes Waves at AWS re:Invent

By: Ed Sawma

We demoed our new feature experimentation platform at the event, and the response was overwhelming. Engineering leaders saw the value of controlling the blast radius of a new feature, by only exposing it to beta customers or even doing a percentage-based roll-out to users that match specific attributes.

Split for Go

By: Martin Redolatti, Sebastian Arrubia

We’re happy to announce that Split customers can now use us with Go projects! Split lets you see the impact of any feature release on all your key product usage and customer experience metrics. Now, if you have a project where one component is Java, for example, and another component is written in Go (a.k.a. Golang), you can now use Split across the entire project.

Slack Integration Enhancements to Split

By: Pato Echague

Building products and creating new features are a team sport. Split promotes collaboration through a wide set of integrations. With corporate chat rooms becoming a mainstay in more and more organizations, integrating with industry leading collaboration tools like Hipchat and Slack was a no brainer for us. We released the Split Slack integration in July. Since […]

Managing a Monolith Breakup – Stateful Services

By: Pete Hodgson

This is one post in a series about managing the breakup of a monolithic architecture into a small service. In the first post of the series we looked at some fundamental techniques which allowed us to perform this sort of broad architectural shift as a series of small, safe steps. We started off by looking at an intentionally simple […]