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What’s Your Experimentation Communication Strategy?

By: Michael Peach

Product teams that don’t take into account a user communication and user feedback collection strategy as part of their experiments risk not getting enough data to evaluate results. This article walks through a couple key communication steps that products should follow to ensure effective and timely product experiments.

How Split Enables Feature Experimentation

By: Jake Bellacera

Feature flags are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to adopting a data-driven feature release strategy. By running controlled experiments, your team can make informed decisions before rolling the feature out to the rest of your userbase.

Death of the Release

By: Pete Hodgson

As our software development processes have evolved we’ve mostly said goodbye to the idea of defined product versions. Many modern product delivery teams are taking this a step further – even the concept of a “product release” is starting to fade. Instead our products are becoming a fluid, rapidly evolving set of features, assembled uniquely for any given user.

Managing Feature Flag Debt with Split

By: Adil Aijaz

Following up from the excellent post by Pete Hodgson on Retiring Your Flags, and his presentation at the Meetup we recently sponsored, I wanted to dive into how Split plays a role in managing your flag debt. Feature flags (aka toggles, flips, gates, or switches) are a software delivery concept that separates feature release from […]

Managing Feature Flags at Scale – Retire your Flags

By: Pete Hodgson

Teams working with feature flags usually come to the conclusion that a large number of active flags isn’t necessarily a good thing. While each active feature flag in your system delivers some benefit, each flag also comes with a cost. This blog post explains those costs and how to avoid them.

Managing Feature Flags at Scale – Categorize Your Feature Flags

By: Pete Hodgson

Feature flagging systems can sometimes become victims of their own success. The benefits of feature flagging along with the broad applicability of the technique can lead to rapid adoption within an organization, and pretty soon the number of active flags can start to feel overwhelming. One way to keep your flags manageable is to introduce a categorization system.

Editing Splits is Now Faster Than Ever

By: Ed Sawma

Our product and engineering teams recently did a deep dive with our customers to understand how they used the current Split editor. We discovered several ways that the editor could be improved to save customers time and make it easier to use. Here’s a list of improvements we made to the Split editor.