The Feature Data Platform

A unified feature flagging and experimentation platform enabling product and engineering teams to reduce cycle times, mitigate release risk, and maximize business impact throughout the Feature Delivery Lifecycle.

Split provides enterprises with the speed, control, and data-driven insights they need to get ahead of the competition and get the right features in front of customers with zero downtime.

Go from code to customer faster

Streamline code deployment with feature flags. Keep new features dormant until you’re ready to roll out.

Once you are ready to release, Split’s sophisticated targeting makes it easy to test in production and then release a feature to segments of your user base.

Make changes without pushing new code

Feature flags sometimes need to do more than just toggle on/off. Need to swap out copy? Alter a search algorithm?

Dynamic configurations alter feature attributes on the fly, in production, without a code change.

By abstracting changes from the code, you can also allow any approved team member (aka, a product manager) to adjust feature attributes.

Know when it’s safe to release

Releasing new features doesn’t need to be risky. Split does what your APM can’t, telling you which feature is changing your metrics.

Split monitors every feature you release and instantly alerts you to a problem. Catch issues before users notice, and reduce the blast radius of a failure.

If you do have a failed feature, use the kill switch to disable it. You’ll never need to rollback a change.

Split is a leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

We measure so you can manage

Split calculates the impact of each feature on each user and each metric. Know if your change should be rolled out widely or turned off immediately.

Split pairs your feature flags with data from most popular data pipelines. Send us any event—clicks, page load times, shopping cart values, errors. We’ll map it to the user and feature involved.

Feature flag integrations

Turn any and every feature into an experiment

Feature flags? Check. Data? Check. We’ve got all the ingredients you need to A/B test new features and measure impact.

Split randomizes users, automatically attributes data, and calculates impact for every feature you put behind a flag. We figure out what works, so you can focus on the results.

With built-in statistical best practices, any member of your development team can test out new ideas directly with users.

Fits the way development teams work

Scale across multiple teams with environments and permissions to define ownership.

Control changes and reduce errors with approval flows. And track it all with audit logs that keep a record of every change.

Integrate with popular tools—Slack, Jira, Datadog, and more—so you always know where features are in your release process.

Feature flag workflow

Built for enterprise performance, security, and resilience

Split’s high-performance, streaming architecture pushes flag and experiment changes via CDN to our SDKs in milliseconds.

Our SDKs target and evaluate feature flags locally, so customer data is never sent over the internet.

We build resilience into every aspect of our service. Our SaaS app, data platform, and API span multiple data centers. And our SDKs cache locally to handle any network interruptions.

Deliver impact with every feature you build

Speed up development cycles, reduce release risk, and focus your team on the features that create maximum impact.