2 Days of Panels & Workshops

April 16-17

Stay measured

Discover how measurement and learning can help engineering leaders succeed under pressure.

Calling All Product & Engineering Leaders

During Flagship, experience virtual thought leadership panels with live Q&A that examine the power of feature monitoring and observability, discuss how to safely navigate AI releases, and reimagine metrics as a way to motivate team success. Check out workshops hosted by Split experts that put these new concepts into practice.

Day 1: Virtual Thought Leadership Panels 

Shipping amidst the pressure of an AI revolution, dodging risk along the way, and keeping an eye on every feature impact is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who stay measured. On April 16th, the first day of Flagship 2024, learn how to stay measured from industry leading panelists, as they discuss today’s challenges and look to data to drive their development successes. Live Q&As will be included at the end of every panel.

Are You Making Things Better Or Worse:

How Can Leaders Eliminate Risk With Visibility of Every Product Change?

Product development teams need to instantly know if their releases are making things better or worse, so they can quickly preserve user experience. It’s why easy access to data-driven insight is becoming critical to a successful software delivery lifecycle. When enabling new features, is your team caught wondering if they’re breaking things? How are they handling scenarios where a release comes with unintended consequences? In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from product and eng leaders who are opening the industry’s eyes to feature-level insights and the desire for greater visibility of every release. Let’s unlock the potential of actionable data to make faster release decisions, safely roll out changes without disrupting users, and learn to do it without depending on data scientists. 

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AI, Captain:

How Can Technical Leaders Navigate the AI Revolution?

For those building and releasing AI-powered features or adopting AI within their own processes, the impact on product development teams has great significance for today and tomorrow. Dev leaders must accept that even with the allure of AI comes potential pitfalls. For one, they have to carefully navigate the pressure of releasing AI-capabilities fast to stay competitive while ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness, and positive impact. How can teams efficiently experiment with new models and generative AI? Led by Split CTO, Pato Echague, this session focuses on the influence and opportunity of AI on modern product development teams. From reshaping workflows to strategically adopting innovative technologies, gain actionable insight from those who are successfully integrating AI into life today. The goal is to both prepare leaders to adapt to change as well as lead transformative initiatives that set the tone for the AI revolution.

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Redefining Dev Team Success:

How Can Measurement Prove the Value of Engineering Efforts?

In today’s economic climate, defining success and proving the broader impact of team efforts is becoming a core requirement for successful development leadership. To do it right, you have to go beyond tracking productivity metrics. What KPIs are essential for demonstrating efficacy and value today? Which tools are critical for effective measurement? In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from development leaders across a range of industries on how they assess performance and define team success. We’ll explore new ideas around measuring eng team success, look at ways to articulate ROI across the enterprise, and work to transform your most precious resources into valuable profit centers.

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Day 2: Livecast Workshops Putting Ideas in Motion 

After a day of challenging norms and rethinking the way we work in panel discussions, we’ll be putting these ideas into motion. April 17th, day two of Flagship, is designed to match your new mindset to the right toolset. Be sure to pop into the following hands-on workshops led by Split experts in feature management and experimentation.

Workshop 1:

Split Feature Flagging Foundations

Are you interested in dark launches, production testing, percentage rollouts (canary releases), or attribute targeting? Want to learn how feature flagging supports these practices? Then, let’s go back to the basics. Led by Split’s Director of Programs & Enablement, Danielle Glass, this hands-on workshop provides learners with the skills to plan and build feature flags that support these four common DevOps release practices.

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Workshop 2:

Getting Started With Instant Feature Impact Detection (IFID)

Are you getting the most value out of Split’s measurement and learning capabilities? Using Instant Feature Impact Detection (IFID) with progressive rollouts, Split customers are able to easily find and fix every unexpected consequence in a snap. Led by Split’s Director of Product, Anita McDowell and Senior Integrations Advisor, Josh Klein, this session is designed for product and engineering teams and leaders who want to learn more about IFID, as well as walk through the tactical steps to get started. You’ll learn the five easy steps to adopt IFID today and can test out the functionality in a simulated environment to try it out. 

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Workshop 3:

Value Realization for Engineering Leaders

Move faster, move safer, and do it with less resource spend. Sound familiar? Engineering leaders are under pressure to deliver features quickly without sacrificing the quality of their systems or cost-to-serve ratio. Split can help you accomplish this, but how do you measure and report on your successes? Join Split’s VP of Customer Success, Christina Singh and Director of Programs & Enablement, Danielle Glass, as they show engineering leaders how Split measures value realization through downtime protections, improved mean time to detection/resolution, resource spend reductions, and increased output.

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Our Guest Speakers and Panelists

Brian Bell


Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Stuart


President & Head of Product

Patricio “Pato” Echagüe


Chief Technology Officer

Ani McDowell


Director of Product Management

Ariel Pérez


VP of Engineering, Measurement & Experimentation in R&D

Christina Singh


VP of Customer Success

Danielle Glass


Director, Programs & Enablement

Josh Klein


Senior Integration Advisor

Balan Subramanian


General Manager, Azure App Platform services

Rigel St.Pierre


Director of Engineering

Doug Sappet


Director of Engineering

Udo Oji

Property Finder

Vice President

Iavor Bojinov

Harvard Business School

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Augusto Pedroza


Director of Engineering

Connor Mason


Senior Director, Customer Tech

Jason Li


Chief Technology Officer

Neil Seideman


Managing Director, Product - Head of Digital Channels

Stuart Harris

Red Badger

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Sarah Weinstein


Vice President, Software Development & Engineering

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