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From 2 to 100 Feature Releases Per Month

Experian Plus Split Case Study

Experian promotes greater financial health and opportunity among consumers. Present in 44 different countries, they help customers understand, manage, and protect their personal information, so they can make better financial and purchasing decisions. 

Recently, Experian needed to find a way to implement small releases continuously throughout the workday without breaking everything in the process. Before Split, the Experian team was experiencing slow deployments, because releases were coordinated and happened all at once. Check out the full interview with Mizra Baig, Senior VP of Engineering at Experian, by downloading the free case study here

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Split gives product development teams the confidence to release features that matter faster. It’s the only feature management and experimentation platform that automatically attributes data-driven insight to every feature that’s released—all while enabling astoundingly easy deployment, profound risk reduction, and better visibility across teams. Split offers more than a platform: It offers partnership. By sticking with customers every step of the way, Split illuminates the path toward continuous improvement and timely innovation. Switch on a free account today, schedule a demo to learn more, or contact us for further questions and support.

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