Take your best ideas straight to your customers

Using Split enabled us to create the experiment-driven culture we wanted.

Patti Chan, VP Product

Unleash your dev teams to innovate fast, with less risk

If you’re not using feature flags, you’re just being dangerous.

Mike Sherov, Principal Engineer

Rapidly meet changing customer needs

Split puts us one step closer to continuous deployment, which is our ultimate goal.

Sergio Gutierrez, Backend Team Lead

Financial Services

Transform digital and mobile access to banking, insurance, and payments.

Dollar sign


Create and innovative patient and provider interactions.

Media + Entertainment

Capture audience attention with fast and high impact software development.


Turn browsing into purchases, subscriptions, and long-time fans by measuring every feature you ship.


Engage and retain your top accounts with the features that they crave.

Travel + Transport

Create top-flight app experiences that drive seamless bookings and long-term loyalty.

Release New Features Up to 50x Faster!

Reimagine the software development process.
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