Alerts & Actions

Switch On Alerts, Switch Off Fire Drills

Releasing new features shouldn’t be a risky, stressful experience. Alerts and Actions eliminate the manual effort of detecting, triaging, and resolving issues, so teams have the peace of mind to focus on what matters–delivering software.

Limit the Blast Radius & Need for Hypervigilance


Split’s patented attribution engine joins feature flag data with any event data you care about. It ingests data from many sources including our SDKs, APIs, and out-of-the-box integrations like Segment, mParticle, and Sentry to automatically measure the impact of new features.

Streamlined Guardrail Alerts & Instant Triage

With every rollout, Split tracks every metric, all the time, so that you know when something good or bad happens as a result. Push a change and within 30 minutes Split will identify if any features caused a better or worse experience for your end user. All causation data is automatically calculated and doesn’t require manual correlation.


Specify a degradation threshold once per guardrail metric to be applied to all future rollouts.


Be alerted as soon as a threshold is violated, identifying the exact feature in your release that’s causing issues.


Turn off features within 5 seconds, resolving customer-facing issues instantly. No need for rollbacks or hotfixes.


How it works

One-Time Setup Protects Every Release

Enforce guardrails by creating a degradation alert. You only need to do this once per metric, not for every feature flag, and you can choose relative or absolute thresholds.

Notifications Are Sent Straight to the Right Team

If something goes wrong, Split catches it, pinpoints the exact flag causing the issue, and immediately notifies the team responsible.

Always Know Exactly Which Feature to Fix

Eliminate the delay of traditional incident triage. You’ll give teams a break from incident rooms by allowing those directly responsible to quickly find and fix.

Stop Issues ASAP: No Rollbacks or Hotfixes

Shut off the degrading feature with the click of a button. Say goodbye to rolling back the good with the bad. Never rush through a hotfix again.

a Leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

Customer Stories

“We’ve completely eliminated the need for [late night releases and] hotfixes because we have the safety system built in to contain the blast radius of any problem that we come across.”

Andrew Boellstorff, Senior Product Manager, Speedway Motors

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Make releases a non-event with alerting

Getting new features in the hands of your customers shouldn’t be risky. Split monitors, alerts, and kills features that aren’t ready for prime time.