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Media & Entertainment

commands attention

Digital streaming has unleashed an epic battle for user attention. Speed up app development, target new features to audience segments, and track the user engagement changes with every feature you ship.

Feature Delivery Uses in Media

Rapidly iterate on ideas

Measure how user ratings, content descriptions, and user interfaces affect 
key metrics.

Segment audiences

Target features to specific cohorts, user segments, and geographies.

Manage multi-channel touchpoints

Deliver consistent experiences across mobile, web, and OTT devices.

Optimize personalization

Test out recommendation algorithms to drive content discovery 
and engagement.

Test new monetization approaches

Try out new subscriptions, packaging, 
and offers.

Retain your best customers

Measure the impact of new content and features on customer loyalty.

Innovate Fast to Create Engaging Experiences

“You move a lot faster. We’ve gone from running one experiment every few months to being able to run so many experiments that we have to think carefully about sequencing and prioritization.”

Nathan Wichmann, Product Manager, TVNZ OnDemand

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Don't Be Dangerous

“If you’re not using feature flags, you’re just being dangerous.”

Mike Sherov, Principal Engineer, Skillshare

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