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Split Commit, Split’s Global Partner Program, is a network of leading solutions providers, global technology companies, and public cloud marketplace partners.

Together we’re driving business globally—offering innovative customer solutions that enable continuous product development, experimentation, and insightful digital customer experiences.

Our Feature Data Platform™ enables enterprises to embrace faster releases, more intelligently and with less risk.  As a result, the ability to effortlessly experiment with code is now fully unleashed, and the measurable data extracted in the process becomes more valuable than ever.

If you want to drive innovation and positive business outcomes for customers with us, you’re in the right place. 

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Technology Providers

Innovate with impact by creating an integration with Split and becoming a Technology Provider Partner.

Solution Providers

Grow your business by adding our Feature Data Platform™ to your portfolio and becoming a Split Solution Provider Partner.

Cloud Marketplaces

We partner with leading global Cloud Providers to bring our Feature Data Platform™ to enterprise customers.

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“By partnering with Split, we’re allowing organizations to use our customer data platform together with feature context to power modern approaches to application development. We’re thrilled to be part of Split Commit and know that our continued partnership will create meaningful opportunities for us to grow our businesses and offer our customers an opportunity to bring feature and customer data together to power a rich set of experiences”

Timothy Koeth, Technology Partner Manager at Segment