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Deliver features that delight your customers

Stay ahead of the curve by delivering on customer needs. Speed up software deployment, reduce the risk of each release, and measure the impact of each feature you ship.

Feature delivery uses in SaaS

Target specific accounts

Include or exclude high-value and sensitive accounts to access updated functionality.

Map rollouts to users or accounts

Split traffic types allow you to customize who you release features to, specific users or entire accounts.

Engage power users

Measure the impact of new features on customer behavior and loyalty.

Simplify QA & beta testing

Engineering, PMs, and CS can easily manage access to new features for internal and external users.

Sequence complex product launches

Deploy continuously, set dependencies, and then release when you’re ready.

Change features dynamically in production

Dynamic configs let teams change in-product pricing, messaging, and more.

Customer Stories

“Split integrates into our internal platforms and helps power experimentation across our entire engineering organization.”

Laura Schaffer, Product Manager, Twilio

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Customer Stories

“Every team – from product and engineering to design and support – leverages Split to confidently create a great experience for our users.”

Eric Crane, Product Manager, Envoy

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Quickly & progressively deliver software

Feature flags speed up your development flows and make it easy to target new features at the accounts with the highest impact.