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We’ve helped companies of all sizes in a range of industries improve the way work gets done while preventing burnout and using data to get results.

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Deploy Continuously With Confidence

Server-side experimentation, 
AWS pipelines
Fast and progressive rollout
The benefits of trunk-based 
Continuous delivery
Rollback triggers and 
feature toggles
A/B testing and validation
Multi-device continuity, CI/CD
Generate deep feature insights

Compatible With all Major SDKs WIth Easy Onboarding

Discover How We Integrate With 
Our Technology Partners

At Split, the ‘code’ for commitment is putting our partners at the center of what we do.

Split Commit, Split’s Global Partner Program, is a network of leading solutions providers, global technology companies and public cloud marketplace partners.

Together we’re driving business globally—offering innovative customer solutions that enable continuous product development, experimentation and provide insightful digital customer experiences with CI tools.

Learn Why Agile Businesses Choose Split

What brings Matt Winchester fulfillment in his job is finding new efficiencies. Before Split, it took 20 people to release one feature in one hour. Now it takes one person from Matt’s team just five minutes.

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Speed up development cycles, reduce release risk, and focus your team on DevOps best practices that create maximum impact.