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Easily set up feature flags and safely deploy to production, controlling who sees which features and when. Connect every feature flag to contextual data, so you can know if your features are making things better or worse and efficiently experiment with A/B tests and more. Split gives you the confidence to move fast without breaking things. Sign up for a live demo to see it for yourself.

Revolutionize the Way Product & Engineering Teams Work

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Split's Superpower

Split pairs feature flags with performance and behavior data. From page load times to errors and shopping cart values, Split immediately calculates the impact of new features on every metric of every rollout. We call this Instant Feature Impact Detection (IFID). With pinpoint precision, IFID helps you quickly catch issues that affect your application. Not even APM tools can detect failures like IFID can. Now you can know with certainty if the software rollout should progress to 100% or be turned off.

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Hear from our customers

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“Without Split, it was hard to time the release of our web app, API, and mobile app – given app store approvals. Now we can group a change behind a feature flag, do a production dry run, and toggle it on for users.

Stephen Snow, Backend Engineer, Galileo

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“Adopting Split means we can keep releasing code but make features accessible only when we need them to be, and with the click of a button.”

Chris Conrad, VP Engineering, WePay

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“Split’s Azure DevOps integration has simplified our workflow by allowing our developers to create new flags directly in the boards. The linkage between work items and feature flags is a big plus because it streamlines the process of knowing when all work is completed for a single feature, helping us save time, increase our speed-to-market, and ensure a drama-free release.”

Matthew Bingham, Vice President of Software Development, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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“Split allows us to account for all the other things that are going on in the world and isolate the impact of the change we made on our users and business.”

Jean Steiner, Ph.D., Former  VP of Data Science, Skillshare

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“We’ve completely eliminated the need for [late night releases and] hotfixes because we have the safety system built in to contain the blast radius of any problem that we come across.”

Andrew Boellstorff, Senior Product Manager, Speedway Motors

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“Thanks to Split, we were able to learn that the risky version actually had the highest adoption by our customers while keeping overall signup conversion steady

Patti Chan, Former VP Product, Imperfect Foods

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Learn Why Agile Businesses Choose Split

What brings Matt Winchester fulfillment in his job is finding new efficiencies. Before Split, it took 20 people to release one feature in one hour. Now it takes one person from Matt’s team just five minutes.

Move Fast Without Breaking Things

Iterate rapidly with server-side experimentation
Cut back on branches, achieve trunk-based development
Automate rollback triggers on every feature toggle
Gain continuity across multiple devices when you ship
Take risk off the table, put progressive rollouts into overdrive
Safely accelerate Continuous Integration/Delivery
Easy, accurate A/B tests for quick-release decisions
Know if your features are making things better or worse

Compatible With All Major SDKs With Easy Onboarding

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