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Customer Success

Your Partner In The Journey

Whether you’re a lean startup or an enterprise organization, there’s always room to improve processes and increase the speed of innovation. But cultural change takes more than a new software license. It takes the guidance and support of industry experts to help you on your Journeys to Best Practice.

No matter where you are with your feature release cadence or experimentation practice, the Split Customer Success Team is here to help you improve. We understand you need more than technology onboarding. So, we navigate you through process change, assist in making better testing hypotheses, and even help build a center of excellence. Because your team deserves access to tips and tricks within reach, we provide ways they can support themselves through self-paced education, too. Investing in your success is important to us. At the end of the day, your Journeys to Best Practice will bring value to your customers and beyond.

Help Along the Journey

Custom advisory services

Get custom guidance based on the unique objectives of your business to help you improve.

Self-guided learning

Advance your team forward with access to the education they need within reach.

Technical support

Rely on us to help you triage, troubleshoot, and implement, so you can stay on track.

Advisory Services

No two businesses are the same. That’s why Split builds custom Advisory Services for its customers based on our expertise and years of propelling companies through process change. With our Integration and Experimentation Advisors, you get holistic, industry-changing guidance to better inform operations and empower your teams.

Customer success managers

Get custom guidance based on the unique objectives of your business to help you improve.

Integration advisors

Our experts guide you on how to implement Split into your DevOps practice.

Experimentation advisors

Get one-on-one guidance on prioritizing experiments and making data-driven decisions.

Self-Guided Learning

Grant your team access to a plethora of resources, so they can hone their skills with feature flags and make better data-driven decisions about what features to release. They’ll have the opportunity to educate themselves interactively, reference tips and tricks whenever they need them, and advance their Journey to Best Practice with professional certifications.

Split Arcade Learning Experience

Get custom guidance based on the unique objectives of your business to help you improve.

Best practices library

Get tips, tricks, and templates based on centers of excellence we helped build for customers.

Educational Webinars

Hear from the software and experimentation experts themselves in live-streaming events.

Level Up

Split Arcade is an interactive, gamified experience that provides teams with technical training, interactive tutorials, and guidance from industry experts. After knowledge checks along the way, team members earn badges and professional certifications to validate their progress. This all happens in a safe personal practice environment. Help your team level up their skills and unlock the true value of Split.

Get Certified

Technical Support

Do you have technical questions about implementing Split into your application? Be sure to reach out to our technical support specialists.

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