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Date: April 16-17

Flagship 2024 | Stay Measured

Join us for Flagship 2024 and get what you need to stay measured as an engineering manager. Split will be hosting a day of panels, followed by a day of intelligent feature management workshops. Panel topics will examine the power of feature monitoring & observability, discuss how to safely navigate the growing need for AI releases, and reimagine metrics as a way to motivate team success.
- The Flagship Team

The Feature Management Impact Report

92% of product and engineering teams agree that software feature management is critical to developing and releasing successful digital experiences.

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Split Arcade is an interactive, gamified experience that provides teams with technical training, interactive tutorials, and guidance from industry experts. 

After knowledge checks along the way, team members earn badges and professional certifications to validate their progress. Help your team level up their skills and unlock the true value of Split.

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