Free your team to create better software

Split provides everything you need to create, target, and manage feature flags. And we don’t stop there.

Split ties feature flags to your engineering and customer data. We alert you when a new feature misbehaves. And we calculate the impact of your code on customer outcomes.

Feature flags

Feature flags make development faster and safer

Feature flags are if/else controls in your code. Easily manage features without pushing a change.

They can be simple on/off, multivariant, or fully dynamic configurations.

Speed up development by separating deployment from release. Improve code quality by testing in production. Reduce release risk with an instant kill switch.

Separate deploy from release

Deploy code whenever you want. Release it to users when you’re ready.

Feature flags separate code deploy from release, reducing the number of code branches and coordination across teams.

Have a big launch scheduled? Multiple microservices to sync? Coordinate releases with feature flag dependencies, so you ship on time without the stress.

Target users without sharing private data

Once you’re ready to release, you can directly test in production. Target your feature to internal teams, QA testers, or beta customers.

Target feature flags to users by location, account name, or any custom attribute. Construct user or account segments for reuse across feature flags.

Split targets on any attribute locally, within the SDK, so PII is never sent across the internet.

Manage your blast radius — roll out in stages

Now you’re ready to roll out to more users. In addition to targeting, you can define percentage rollouts in Split to gauge feature impact.

Often called progressive delivery, you can design a multistep release that fits your risk tolerance.

Percentage rollouts provide a safety net when deploying new features. They are also useful for alerting and experimentation.

Never roll back again

Just as feature flags can turn features on, they can turn them off.

Have a problematic feature? One click kills it in milliseconds. No rollbacks. No rushed hotfixes.

Give your engineering team the peace of mind of a kill switch for every feature release.

Adopt feature flag best practices on your team

Learn the tips and tricks of feature flags: when to use them, where to place them, and how to roll them out.

Managing Feature Flags by O'Reilly

We’ve got you covered, front(end), back(end), and mobile

With 12 open source SDKs, you can manage feature flags across all of your services and applications.

Making feature releases developer-friendly

Galileo’s lean engineering team has risen to the challenge of the shift to telemedicine and a rapid expansion across the United States. With Split, they’ve rapidly developed new features, while keeping risk and stress to a minimum.

Manage and measure every feature

Split gives you a feature flag platform to support everyone in your organization, with industry-leading data privacy and integrated impact measurement.