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Feature Management



Features that Matter


Split combines feature flags with testing and observability. Product development teams can ship more often, instantly detecting every feature’s impact as they go.

Feature Flagging

Feature flags allow you to decouple deploy from release, so you can accelerate your rollouts without compromising safety.

Feature Observability & Testing

Feature observability is behind Split’s automated rollout monitoring and A/B testing, which eliminates guesswork and leaves nothing to chance.

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Improve the Way You Work

Get Your Software
Development in Ship Shape

Today’s dev teams are pressured to do more with less, release with growing frequency, and move fast without breaking things. Sound like a recipe for burnout? Not if you change the way the work gets done with Split.


Ship updates and new features often, without friction or fear.


Measure the impact of every rollout to make informed decisions as you go.


Triage and take action instantly, so issues don’t slow you down.


Build a culture of efficient, data-driven innovation that prevents burnout.
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Our Platform


Our Feature Data Platform™ is uniquely designed with a patented attribution engine to connect all of the data you care about to every feature. This gives you 100% feature-level observability to provide deeper contextual insight across everything you release. For product development teams, that means you have both the visibility and capability to continuously improve.

Our Superpower


Moving fast without clear visibility is just reckless. It’s important to observe whether every change you implement makes things better or worse. Instant Feature Impact Detection (IFID) pinpoints issues during progressive delivery that traditional monitoring tools can’t. Catch and immediately resolve anything that impacts app performance or user experience. Finally, eliminate the headache of manually detecting and triaging unexpected issues, so nothing slows you down.

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Product Highlights

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Feature Delivery
& Control

It all starts with feature flagging. Decouple deploy from release to protect code and accelerate feature delivery while minimizing risk. Then, you make the rules, standardize safe releases, and maintain control.

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Feature Measurement & Learning

Feature observability empowers teams to make timely, data-informed release decisions instead of relying on gut instinct alone. Bring certainty into the development process by monitoring and testing every change.

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Enterprise Readiness

Split specializes in partnering with global enterprise organizations to help navigate the unique business challenges and evolving security and privacy requirements of releasing new features at scale.

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Architecture & Security

Our unique SDK architecture allows data to be processed locally so that you can safely target user attributes without sending private info to the cloud. Sensitive customer data will never leave your app.

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We speak your language

That means we’re compatible with what you use every day.

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Designed to suit your stack

Ingest events from customer data, performance monitoring, and error tracking systems to power alerts and experiments. Import data from Google Analytics, mParticle, Segment, Sentry. 
Export data to Datadog, Jira, New Relic, Sumo Logic.

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We spead your language

That means we’re compatible with what you use every day.

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“Split provides so much more than just a toolset change. You know, it sounds simple, feature toggles, but it’s transformative in nature. It’s transformative for the teams in terms of the culture we adopt.”

– Mizra Baig, Senior VP of Engineering, Experian

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“Thanks to Split, we were able to learn that the risky version actually had the highest adoption by our customers while keeping overall signup conversion steady”

– Patti Chan, Former VP Product Imperfect Foods

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“Split makes it possible to really understand when we make changes, how do our users respond. What’s the best change for our users and how can we help our users satisfy their creative journey?”

– Jean Steiner, Ph.D., VP of Data Science, Skillshare

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We’ve worked with top organizations worldwide. We help you scale and succeed by being a partner, not just a platform.

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