Build the best digital retail experience

Customers are browsing, buying, and subscribing online. Innovate fast to meet changing customer needs, test new ideas on user segments, and measure the impact of all your hard work.

Build a results-driven development culture

YoY increase in conversion

As we improved our checkout process relying on Split to measure the impact of our changes, we saw an overall increase in conversion year over year, and that’s made a huge difference on our bottom line.

Andrew Boellstorff, Sr. Product Manager

Innovate fast without regrets

$5 increase in average order value

The kill button is super easy. If we see something wonky, we just turn it off. Once we’ve triaged the feature we can go back and re-enable it.

Adrienne Dion, Sr. Product Manager

Respond instantly to customer needs

We’re able to move faster with Split. Now we just put it behind Split, and then we have the flexibility to make changes on-the-fly once it’s in production.

Dan DeMeyere, VP Engineering

Feature delivery uses in retail and ecommerce

No more code freezes

Manage features behind flags so you can easily kill a feature without rollbacks.

Manage anonymous and logged-in users

Split traffic types make it easy to consistently target features to users whether or not they’re logged in.

Deploy whenever, launch when ready

Get new features and services deployed and then release with the flip of a flag.

Target granular audiences

Release features to specific user segments based on any customer attribute.

Dynamically test copy and pricing

Dynamic configs allow PMs, developers, and analysts to adjust features while they’re already in prod.

Optimize multi-sided marketplaces

Split handles metrics for many user types: merchants, customers, suppliers, and more.

Transform users from browsers to buyers

Feature flags with customer data make it dead simple
to build and experiment with new pricing, search, payments, and more.