Optimize your customer journey

Create top-flight app experiences that move the needle for travelers. Rapidly release new features, dynamically test ideas in production, and measure the results of every change.

Accelerate development velocity

4 hours/week saved from fewer rollbacks

For everything we roll out, Split gives us concrete data on how the change impacted our users and our business.

Julian Ganguli, Principal Data Analyst

Feature delivery uses in travel

Support multiple channels

Create consistent experiences across mobile and web.

Retain your best customers

Quantify the impact of new features and packages on customer behavior.

Streamline launch coordination

Get new services deployed and then release when your team is ready.

Target precise audiences

Target features to specific cohorts, user segments, and geographies.

Dynamically test copy and pricing

Dynamic configs allow PMs, and analysts to adjust features in prod without additional code.

Personalize booking and offers

Test out recommendation algorithms to drive engagement and purchase.

Inspire travelers with your best ideas

Combine customer data with feature-level controls to create valuable, high-impact user experiences.