What problem did Experian need to solve?

Experian is on a multi-year journey to improve the financial health of consumers all over the world. With 3,000 employees working in product management and software engineering at the organization, cross-functional teams were relying heavily on one another to ensure their feature releases were safe and had little exposure to risk. As a result, they would coordinate large releases to happen all at once. This slowed down the process, leaving team members feeling stressed about their “big bang” releases that often occurred at the end of the day. Their goal was to implement small releases continuously throughout the workday. Before Split entered the picture, it was debilitating for teams to collaborate across multiple time zones at once.

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Mirza Baig, VP Engineering, talks value of adopting feature management best practices and the ROI he has seen from empowering and enabling teams with Split. Get insights on how Mirza lead his team to skyrocket average releases from 2 to 100 per month!

Watch this engineering-focused session to explore the process the Experian team took to drive culture change, speed up deployment cycles, and scale operations by such an impressive scale.

Split provides so much more than just a tool set change in that respect. You know, it sounds simple, feature toggles, but it’s transformative in nature. It’s transformative in terms of the teams, in terms of the culture that we adopt.

Mirza BaigSenior VP of Engineering