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Beyond the DORA Metrics: Maximizing Value Delivery

In the ever-evolving landscape of software engineering, the DORA Metrics have established themselves as pivotal benchmarks for assessing engineering excellence, focusing on the frequent and high-quality delivery of software. However, there’s a growing realization that these metrics, while foundational, don’t inherently address the crucial aspect of delivering true value to customers. This webinar delves into the next frontier for high-performing software teams: transcending beyond the DORA Metrics to master the art of learning velocity.

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Improving Speed of Releases Without Sacrificing Reliability

Top enterprises use feature flag management to effortlessly conduct feature experiments like A/B tests without slowing down. Watch this thought-provoking webinar where we bridge the gap between engineering excellence and customer value, and redefine what it means to be a truly high-performing software engineering team in today’s dynamic market.

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Imagine a team that reaches infinite productivity!

This session explores how teams can pivot from just measuring output to focusing on the impact and value of what they deliver. We’ll delve into strategies for optimizing learning velocity – the rate at which a team can gain insights about customer needs and preferences. Along the way, we’ll explore the potential for a new set of metrics as corollaries to the DORA Metrics that can help guide teams on their journey of becoming experts at learning and rapidly iterating, gathering feedback, and making informed decisions about what to deliver next.

It's not just about shipping fast, but shipping right:

  • Shipping software at the speed of thought
  • Identifying and overcoming the new bottlenecks
  • Determining what is genuinely valuable to ship.

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