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How to A/B Test Every Feature Release

With Split’s platform, you can effectively A/B test every feature release, gather actionable insights, and make informed decisions about your product roadmap. Watch the webinar replay now to learn how to optimize your software development process through comprehensive A/B testing.


Join Split Software in this webinar as they discuss the importance of A/B testing every feature release in your software development process. The webinar highlights the evolution of software development and the need for comprehensive measurement in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes. The speakers discuss the limitations of many existing solutions in providing insights on feature releases and showcase Split’s platform with a live demo by their Solutions Architect, Kevin Lee.

Key Takeaways

  • Evolution of Software Development: Explore the increasing velocity of engineering development and the shift from waterfall releases to MVP-based development. Learn how product development has become a continuous set of joint experiments between product and engineering teams, emphasizing the importance of measurement.
  • Comprehensive Measurement: Understand the significance of measuring the impact of feature releases on multiple metrics beyond just revenue. Discover how tools like New Relic, Pendo, Amplitude, and Zendesk can be used to collect and analyze data to gain insights into user behavior and the effects of different feature versions.
  • Case Studies: Gain insights from two case studies. The first case study focuses on Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters, exploring the goals, metrics, and outcomes of the feature release. The second case study demonstrates the impact of a simple visual change on user engagement and discoverability.
  • Split’s Platform: Get an in-depth look at Split’s platform, including its management console and SDKs. Learn how the platform allows you to set up rollout plans, target specific customer segments, and dynamically serve different feature versions. Discover how the platform captures and analyzes impressions and integrates with event data to measure the causal impact of feature releases on various metrics.

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