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Dynamic Configuration


Dynamic Configurations provide an easy, flexible way to control components of your software features (like text, colors, or even back-end configs) without a deployment.

Iterate in real-time and reduce time-to-market for changes

Personalize experience for different user segments

Experiment with variables without hard coding and see what works best

Reduce release coordination and empower less technical resources to pitch in

Remote Configuration of Variables Made Accessible

Dynamic configuration gives you remote control of variables in your live application, by pushing configurations attached to feature flags.

Paste in JSON

Paste in code that sets variables. Define any number of simple or complex nested structures for each flag treatment.

Enter Key-Value Pairs in a Form

Define any number of key-value pairs. Ideal for simpler configurations and cases where dynamic configurations will be maintained by team members who don’t normally write code.

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Free Up Engineering Resources

When product managers ask to change messaging, analysts want to test pricing, and ops teams need to alter service-level parameters–now you can encourage them to do it themselves.

Dynamic configurations give even non-technical team members the ability to customize end-user experiences in real time and with minimal effort.  Great news, because your development team can finally focus on building the next big thing.

Update Configurations Immediately Via UI or API Calls

Connect Dynamic Configuration to the variables in your app as you are writing the code that calls the feature flag. You only have to do this once! From that point on, instant changes can be made remotely at any time via the Split UI or API.

See examples on how to include configurations in changes to roll out plans in our APIs.

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Split has been instrumental in our push to true agile processes. The ability to divorce deployment from release via feature flags has had an outsized impact in our ability to deliver new products to market faster than our competitors. With the addition of configurations we can externalize values and settings in split directly allowing our product team to pivot quickly and make changes immediately.”

Christopher Horvat, V.P. of Engineering, MyCarrier

Customer Stories

“With Dynamic Configurations in Split, we spent less engineering time to open registration to new states, because no code changes were needed to support the influx of new patients.

Sergio Gutierrez, Backend Team Lead, Galileo 

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Customer Stories

“By decoupling experimentation decision-making from engineering Resources [with Dynamic Configuration], product teams become empowered to make fast and flexible changes to the product with little to no technical knowledge.”

Maggie Breeden, Product Leader, Burner/Ad Hoc Labs

Manage and measure every feature

Split gives you a feature management solution to support everyone in your organization, with industry-leading data privacy and integrated impact measurement.