Change features without changing code

Dynamic Configurations act as variables defined in Split so you can change the behavior of a feature flag after it’s live in production without a code change.

Powerful tools to edit any feature

Configure your feature flags dynamically with JSON or key-value pairs.

JSON makes it easy to define multiple attributes in a single feature flag treatment.

Key-value pairs are optimal to set multiple different treatments and change them later.

Make changes without a pull request

Define Dynamic Configurations at the time you code a feature flag. Push it live. Then the magic begins.

Change Dynamic Configurations at any point, remotely via the Split UI or API, to change code behavior.

Need a new banner message? Updated pricing? A lower service limit? Another backend service provider? Change the config without making a pull request.

Split is a leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

Teams using dynamic configurations

Reduce release coordination, save engineering cycles

Product managers want to change messaging. Analysts want to test new prices. The Ops team wants to alter service level parameters.

Grant any team member access to change a feature without taking up engineering time to write a ticket and make the change. Add lightweight controls with approval flows.

Free your development team to focus on building the next big thing.

Remove the stress from product launches

Galileo avoided burnout while launching their telemedicine service to dozens of new markets with Dynamic Configurations.

Build flexibility into your code

Offload small changes to product, data, and ops teams, freeing your engineering team to keep shipping your next big project.