Speed up digital innovation

Banking, payments, and insurance are transforming fast. Keep pace, using feature flags to speed up software development. Add customer data to flags to reveal how your ideas perform in your customer’s hands.

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Speed up software development

4X software release cadence

The thing that’s great about Split is that you can change the behavior of the product outside of a code deployment.

Markus Backman, Head Architect of Digital Banking

Deliver Faster Features Your Customers Can Bank On

Daily release cadence


We can keep releasing code but make features accessible only when we need them to be, with the click of a button.

Chris Conrad, VP Engineering

Feature delivery uses in banking, insurance, and payments

Innovate in a regulatory environment

Manage new and existing features by geography. Fit your app to regulations and market conditions.

Personalize and segment

Create user segments by behavior, demographic, or any attribute. Match features to their needs.

Increase customer acquisition

Improve application completion rates. Fix leaks in your acquisition funnel.

Reduce the surface area of bugs

Instantly identify features with errors. Kill a feature rather than rolling back a release.

Maintain strict data privacy

Enable rich segmentation while keeping user targeting info in your app. 

Improve CX, across both mobile and web

Harmonize user experience across all digital touchpoints.

Take your next idea straight to the bank

Building great customer experiences shouldn’t be a guessing game.
Deliver your next big feature with speed and certainty.