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Collaboration & Workflows

Unite Processes & People Across the Feature Lifecycle

When your processes and people aren’t on the same page, you waste precious time and increase frustration. That’s why Split lets you manage and track rollouts from the tools you already use today. Easily collaborate on flag set-up, react to changes with shared visibility, and manage the entire feature delivery lifecycle across all stakeholders involved.

Integrate Your Collaboration Tools for Context & Traceability

Quickly see the relationships between feature flags and items in your favorite tools. Take action on associated tasks, code changes, and approvals. Integrate out of the box with Jira, Azure, ServiceNow, and more.

Quickly View All Flag Statuses With Rollout Boards

Every stakeholder can see the status of every rollout and experiment in one place. Efficiently coordinate release tasks and easily determine if a flag is ready to move on to the next phase. Then, customize and share views to fit your internal processes.

Enforce Governance Requirements With Approval Flows

Add mandatory approval flows for flag updates in production, ensuring that no change goes live without a second set of eyes.

Schedule Releases Ahead of Time

Stage feature changes, obtain necessary approvals, and launch the release exactly when it needs to happen – without waking up in the middle of the night.

Detect & Resolve Issues Instantly With Alerts & Actions

With alert thresholds in place, Split notifies the right development team within seconds of a feature degrading. Then, take instant action, and get back to safety with a click of button, all while minimizing the disruption to the user experience.

Customer Stories

“Split’s Azure DevOps integration has simplified our workflow by allowing our developers to create new flags directly in the boards. The linkage between work items and feature flags is a big plus because it streamlines the process of knowing when all work is completed for a single feature, helping us save time, increase our speed-to-market, and ensure a drama-free release.”

Matthew Bingham, Vice President of Software Development, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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Thanks to Split J.J. Keller Simplifies Their Workflow and Ships More Often

“Split makes it possible to really understand when we make changes, how do our users respond. What’s the best change for our users and how can we help our users satisfy their creative journey?”

Matthew Bingham: Vice President of Software Development

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Easily manage feature flags from code to customer

With developer-friendly SDKs, approval flows, workflow integrations, and a simple kill switch, Split scales to any development environment.