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Get started with easy-to-use feature flags.


Up to 10 seats

Developer includes:

  • Client and server side feature flags
  • Slack, Jira Cloud, Azure DevOps integrations and more
  • Rich API
  • Up to 50,000 monthly tracked keys


Manage your release process with security and governance.


per seat
per month

Everything in Developer, PLUS:

  • Rollout dashboard
  • SSO / SAML authentication
  • Role-based access controls
  • Self-guided learning program via Split Arcade


Scale to the unique needs of a global enterprise.


Unlimited seats

Everything in Business, PLUS:

  • Workspace and API restrictions
  • Change management via approval workflows
  • SCIM support

Compare Plans

Access to all SDKsSupport for multiple SDKs for both client-side and server-side languages. xxxx
Access to polling & streaming deliveryStreaming enables updates to be sent to the SDK in milliseconds. Polling sends updates to the SDK using configurable intervals.xxxx
WorkspacesAllows scaling customers to manage feature flags and experiments separately across your different teams and products.11UnlimitedUnlimited
EnvironmentsSet-up different environments (staging, production, etc.) to manage the various stages of the development lifecycle. Targeting rules and permissions for changing them can be different between environments.2UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Traffic typesDifferent types of unique keys (i.e. user, device, account or other key) upon which flag decisions can be made.22UnlimitedUnlimited
Feature flagsA software development tool used to safely activate or deactivate features for testing in production, gradual release, experimentation, and operations.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Treatments per feature flagTreatments are variations of a feature. Most basic case is “on” and “off”. 22UnlimitedUnlimited
Access to admin APICan be used to push data in and out of Split, build custom integrations, or build on top of the Split platform.xxxx
Data exportQuery and export all impression and event data.xx
Standard MTKsMonthly Tracked Keys (“traffic keys”) correspond to a unique user, device, account or other key upon which feature flag decisions are based.50,00050,00050,00050,000
Additional MTKsSupport for additional Monthly Tracked Keys (“traffic keys”) that surpass the 50,000 limit.Not availableNot availableCustomCustom
Experimentation & monitoring eventsEvent data from your application (i.e. clicks, page load time, etc) that has been received through the Split SDK track calls, events API calls, or inbound integrations.Not availableNot availableCustomCustom

Target Your Users

Target individuallyUse to target a particular user. Overrides other targeting rules to ensure user receives the specified treatment.xxxx
Target by custom attributeUse to target based on any attribute your application has available to pass to the Split SDK at runtime.xxxx
Reusable segmentsA segment is a named list of keys (user ids, employee ids, account ids). You create and manage these in Split and use for additional targeting options.10,000 key limit10,000 key limit100,000 key limit100,000 key limit
Flag traffic allocationUse to increase or decrease the amount of traffic that is evaluated against the targeting and default rules without moving customers across treatments.xx
Dependent flagsUse Split’s dependency matcher when you want one feature flag to depend on the evaluation of another feature flag.xx

Manage Your Flags

Live tail (debugger)View impressions and events in real-time. Use query criteria to filter which impressions or events are shown. Drill into entries to see raw JSON payload with full detail. Useful for debugging/validating data flow from your application and 3rd party integrations with Split.xxxx
Rollout board (flag dashboard)For managing feature flags at scale. Teams can visualize the status of different features in the release process and answer questions like, “Which features are ready for clean up?”.xxx
Dynamic configurationsAttach configurations (name:value pairs or JSON objects) to any of a feature flag’s treatments in order to dynamically control components of your features. Requires no code changes or re-deployments.xx
Essential schedulingSchedule a change in flag targeting to take effect at a later time and date. Eliminates the urgency to log into the Split console (or send an API request) when the change needs to occur.1 schedule/monthxx
Data retention for impressionsAn impression is a record of which user encountered which feature flag, what treatment they were exposed to and which targeting rule drove that decision.90 days90 days

Monitor Impact & Experiment

(Included with purchase of monitoring and experimentation events)

A/B/n testingCombine feature flags with data to run full-stack experiments with two or more treatments.xx
Near real-time results calculationSplit will quickly calculate results for experimentation and monitoring within minutes.xx
Dimensional analysisPivot your experiment results to extract deeper insights and inform future experiments.xx
Multiple comparison correctionControls the false discovery rate to ensure that the chance of a false positive is within your significance threshold.xx
Monitoring and alertsCombine feature flags with data to support monitored feature rollouts. Receive alerts when metric degradations are detected.xx
Custom metricsCreate your own metrics based on events you are tracking and sending to Split.xx
Experiment window: data retention for eventsEvents enable you to measure customer behavior and application experience. They can be aggregated to create metrics.90 days90 days

Secure & Govern Access

Multi-factor authenticationAbility to add two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Split account. With 2FA enabled, Split asks you to enter a verification code after authentication.xxxx
SSO / SAML authenticationSupports SSO as an option, SSO as mandatory (strict mode) and either invite-based or just-in-time provisioning of
Edit restrictionsControl which users and/or groups have edit (write) permissions by default in an environment. Override those permissions at the individual flag, segment or metric
Audit log for flag & segment changesAudit logs are captured every time an account member changes a split, segment, or metric. These provide detailed records of every change and who made
User groupsA group is a convenient way to manage a collection of users in your organization. You can use groups to grant administrative controls and grant environment, flag, segment, or metric-level controls.xx
SCIM support SCIM allows group membership in SSO to automatically determine group membership in Split saving administrators time adding and removing users from Split.x
Workspace view restrictionsYou can set view permissions to your workspaces to control which users, groups, and API keys can see whether a certain workspace exists and to access the objects in each workspace.x
Require comments for flag and segment changesTitle and comments for changes are optional by default, but can be made mandatory.x
Approval flows for flag and segment changesApproval flows support peer review and/or mandatory sign-off of changes made to flag settings or segment membership.x
Data export restrictionsRestrict which groups and users can export data from an environment.x
Admin API environment restrictionsSupports scoping Admin API keys to have access only to specific environments within a single workspace.x
Audit log for administrative changesThese logs provide detailed records of every admin change that took place and who made them.x

Integrate with Your Stack

[Developer Productivity]
SlackSend Split audit logs to Slack.xxxx
Azure DevOpsAccess Split feature flags within Azure Boards and configure flag definitions via Azure Pipelines.xxxx
JiraCreate or connect feature flags to a Jira issue. View rollout status, flag configurations or any issues tied to a feature flag.xxxx
VSCode*Bring feature flag information directly into developers’ IDE. View available flags, definitions, rollout statues and more.xxxx
[Developer Monitoring]
AppDynamicsSend Split audit logs to
DatadogSend Split audit logs to
NewRelicSend Split audit logs to
PapertrailSend Split audit logs to
LibratoSend Split audit logs to
RollbarSend Split audit logs to
SumologicSend Split audit logs to
Webhook – audit logsOutgoing webhook to integrate Split changes into external
[Data Import Export]
Amplitude Send Split impressions to Amplitude.xx
Amazon S3Send customer data from S3 to Split. Send Split impressions to S3.xx
SegmentSend Segment customer data to Split. Send Split impressions to Segment. xx
mParticleSend mParticle customer to Split. Send Split impressions to mParticle. xx
SentrySend Sentry performance data to Split.xx
Webhook – impressionsOutgoing webhook to integrate Split impressions into external tools.xx
[Change Management]
ServiceNow *Send Split change requests to ServiceNow for approvals.x
[Admin Logging]
Webhook – admin audit logsOutgoing webhook to integrate Admin changes into external tools.x


Support packageTechnical support packages can be customized to your team’s needs; select plans based on communication forms, hours of availability, and average response time.BasicStandardStandard;
Gold available
Gold or Platinum available
In-app ticketsCreate support tickets directly within the Split app to reach out for help when you need
In-app chatReal-time chat accessible directly within the Split app. Available during ‘Business Hours’ to help your teams get unblocked quickly!With Platinum support
Emergency escalationOn-call engineering for emergency ticket support; Split team member will respond promptly.With Platinum support
Slack communitySplit’s Slack Community is a respectful, open space to connect with both Split team members and other users. Perfect to ask questions, get help from the community, and share collaborative ideas.xxxx
Split ArcadeSplit’s retro-themed, gamified customer education and onboarding program offers certifications in DevOps, feature flagging, experimentation and
Customer Success ManagerOur customer success managers help ensure your business objectives are fulfilled as a proactive, main point of contact.Access to Customer Success ManagerDesignated Customer Success Manager
Enterprise success planBuilt with your Customer Success Manager, this custom success plan is designed to help drive you towards the business objectives that matter most.x
Experimentation AdvisorOur Experimentation Advisors are world-class leaders who both partner and guide you towards prioritizing experiments and making more data-driven decisions.AvailableAvailable
Integration AdvisorOur Integration Advisors guide you on how to implement Split into your DevOps practice.AvailableAvailable

Proven ROI

Up to 50X
Increase in Deploy Frequency
Increase in Engineering Efficiency

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Seats are the number of users you have provisioned in Split. A user is defined as one named login using an email address.

These are typically your software developers, operations team members, and product managers who add new feature flags, set targeting rules, and report on performance to measure impact. Price per seat, as well as seat limits, are based on tiered packages.

Monthly Tracked Key (MTKs) are the number of unique traffic keys (identifiers) evaluated by our SDKs within a calendar month. This is typically a combination of unique users, accounts, devices, or other custom identifiers that you define – and upon which feature flag decisions are based. One key seen many times in one month is just one MTK. Five keys seen many times in one month is five MTKs, etc.

For all packages, as a standard limit, we give away 50k free MTKs.

‘Monitor & Experiment’ can be accessed within both our Business and Enterprise tiered packages. This is purchased based on Event volumes. Within these packages, there are no Event data purchase limits.

Experimentation & Monitoring Events are any events occurring in your application that have been received through Split.

Events are data based on the actions users take and the experiences they encounter across your app. These can be any events that measure user behavior, experience, or engineering performance across your application, such as clicks, views, checkout events, or page load time. Used to power ‘Monitor & Experiment,’ you need to send Event data to Split for attribution at a feature-level.

Event data can be sent to Split in one of three ways:

  • Call Split’s SDK track method
  • Post a JSON body to Split’s events API
  • Split integrations with Segment, mParticle, Sentry, Amazon S3, or Google Analytics

Split’s Integration Advisors are also here to help and assist you with standing up your events integration pipelines.

No, Event volumes are based only on what comes into Split. We do not charge on the export of event data. Data export is a feature included in our Enterprise package.

Not to worry!  Our packages are designed to avoid unexpected charges, and we’ll also keep an eye out for you. If you consistently consume more than in your contract, we will reach out to you to develop a new contract that meets your needs.

Yes! You can create a Developer account here to get started with easy-to-use feature flags with up to 10 seats. Additionally, you can try out all of our paid features during your first 30 days.

If you are a current Split customer and have any questions about our new pricing and packaging, please reach out to your Split representative or

Please feel free to contact us at We would be more than happy to chat!

Split Arcade is an interactive, gamified experience that provides teams with technical training, tutorials, and guidance from industry experts. This industry-leading self-guided learning is designed to ensure successful onboarding and upleveling at scale. 

With knowledge checks along the way, team members earn badges, professional certifications and Linkedin badges to validate their progress. And, this all happens in a safe personal practice environment.

Yes. Onboarding, training, and access to our advisory services are determined by tier. However, technical support plans (which include communication channels, hours of availability, and initial response times) are selected separately. Learn more about our support levels here.

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