Create customer impact

Test out new ideas directly with users and rigorously measure their impact on your business goals.

Split is the only platform that can ingest data from any source, speeding up data analysis and customer insights.

Measure the impact of every feature

You built it. But, did it work? There’s no need to guess what your results mean. Split automatically calculates the impact of every feature on every metric for 100% feature-level observability.

Dimensional Analysis lets you investigate unusual spikes in your experiment results at a deeper level and continuously optimize what experiments to run next.

Thought of another metric to investigate later on? We can even calculate it for you after the fact.

Automate guardrail metrics to protect you from unintended consequences, revealing when new features aren’t behaving as expected.

Test and validate new features

Split integrates feature flags with all the data you need to run and analyze experiments. It’s full stack, so you can support frontend, backend, and mobile teams with one platform.

Split automatically monitors every feature you code to inform feature rollouts, randomized experiments, and future hypotheses.

O'Reilly eBook 'Understanding Experimentation Platforms"

Experimentation best practices

Learn the requirements to experiment at scale, from statistical methods to measurement strategies.

Rigorous data you can take action on

Software is complicated. With so many variables, causation—not correlation—is what matters.

Split measures statistically significant impact in controlled, randomized experiments that you can confidently base business decisions on.

With built in best practices such as experimental review periods and sample ratio checks, you don’t need to be a data expert to run a sound experiment.

Connect your data, we’ll handle the rest

Capture data from any source with out-of-the-box integrations—Segment, mParticle, Google Analytics, and Sentry—in addition to tracking data directly from the SDK or via API.

Split manages data attribution with an advanced platform that maintains consistent experiment design across multiple devices, concurrent features, and version changes.

Foster a culture of experimentation

Go Daddy created a culture of engineering experimentation with a rigorous rollout and impact review process across dozens of teams.


Create greater impact

Move from ideas to great software experiences faster with a comprehensive experimentation platform that any engineer can use.