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Feature Experimentation

Release, Test & Learn as you go

Split arms you with valuable insight to make your feature experiments matter. Its patented attribution engine joins feature flag data with any event data you care about. The feature-level observability you gain from this connection informs automated rollout monitoring, as well as randomized experiments and hypothesis testing that won’t slow you down.

Measure the Impact of Every Change, From Any Data Source

Split ingests data from any source including its SDKs, APIs, and out-of-the-box integrations like Segment, mParticle, and Sentry. With every rollout, Split keeps tabs on every metric, all the time, so you know when something good or bad happens.

A/B Test Without Breaking a Sweat

Once you’re measuring guardrail metrics for safer releases, the experimentation infrastructure is already in place. Easily run A/B tests with the same self-service tool. No additional resources or complexity required.

Accelerate Decisions With Sequential Testing

Split’s Sequential Testing capability helps engineering teams make release decisions fast once a noticeable impact is detected. This statistical method provides “always valid” results, which means you can safely peek at your results at any time to speed up development.

Detect Small Movements With Fixed Horizon Testing

Split enables you to detect even the slightest movements in your experimentation results. For key performance metrics, like conversion KPIs, these small changes can have a major impact on business. After all, the little picture is big.

With Dimensional Analysis, No Experiment Goes to Waste

If your results are unclear, Dimensional Analysis adds color to the confusing gray areas. How does it work? Split allows you to assign dimensions to your metrics. By dissecting the data into granular properties like country or device type, you can gain additional context that informs stronger experiments in the future. No effort is wasted; it’s just recycled for a later date.

View & Share Results to Keep Everyone in Sync

Get a quick, birds-eye view of your experimentation results using Split’s Metric Impact Cards. Or, drill down deeper with the Metric Details Chart, so you can carefully plot your next course of action. All results are shareable within seconds to keep those key stakeholders aligned (and flocking together).

Centralize Feature Experimentation

Establish consistency and visibility at scale with a single source of truth for all your metric definitions and experiment results. Split centralizes notifications of metric impact alerts, experiment review period notifications, and change requests related to your experiments.

Split has been instrumental in our push to true agile processes. The ability to divorce deployment from release via feature flags has had an outsized impact in our ability to deliver new products to market faster than our competitors. With the addition of configurations we can externalize values and settings in split directly allowing our product team to pivot quickly and make changes immediately.”

Christopher Horvat, V.P. of Engineering, MyCarrier

Customer Stories

“Thanks to Split, we were able to learn that the risky version actually had the highest adoption by our customers while keeping overall signup conversion steady

Patti Chan, Former VP Product, Imperfect Foods

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Customer Stories

Split makes it possible to really understand when we make changes, how do our users respond. What’s the best change for our users and how can we help our users satisfy their creative journey?

Jean Steiner, Ph.D., Former VP of Data Science, Skillshare

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