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More on Today’s Product Keynote at Flagship ‘21


If you caught my product roadmap at Flagship today, first, thank you for tuning in; second, I hope you’re as excited about our newly available and upcoming features as I am! If you couldn’t make it and want to know what you missed, you’ve come to the right place.

Feature Delivery with Any Team at Any Scale

Since Split’s inception, we’ve worked closely with engineering teams across every industry and observed how the most successful teams manage feature releases. We’ve captured these best practices in a framework we call the Feature Delivery Lifecycle, which Brian introduced earlier today. This lifecycle maps the continuous process of how agile teams build impactful products that satisfy ever-changing customer needs.

We’ve chartered our roadmap and designed each new feature with the goal of helping organizations successfully navigate this lifecycle with any team of any scale. The new and upcoming features I announced today will help your teams reduce engineering time while mitigating release risk, create an impact-driven culture, and control the entire feature lifecycle as your business grows.

Alright, so what’s new, and what else can you look forward to this year?

Reduce Engineering Cycle Time and Mitigate Release Risk

To ensure smooth and fast sailing for teams as they plan, build, release, and gather data on features, we have new and upcoming capabilities that will reduce engineering cycle time and mitigate release risk.

Available today:

  • React and Redux SDKs
  • Filter feature flags fetched by our client-side SDKs (iOS, Android, JavaScript) to reduce page load times and improve frontend performance
  • Amplitude Cohorts integration allows you to target relevant sample populations based on past or predicted behavior and save time managing lists across multiple tools
  • Data export enables you to download impressions in CSV format for enriching other data in a preferred BI tool or data warehouse

Coming soon:

  • React Native and C++ SDKs
  • Lighter JavaScript SDK, reduced in size for better performance while still allowing you to target by user attributes without passing PII through the cloud to Split
  • Jira integration* to connect issues with feature flags and effortlessly keep your team up to speed on rollout details in Jira and related issues in Split
  • Azure DevOps integration* to connect work items with feature flags; save time by creating Split feature flags directly in Azure DevOps and automatically configure rollout plans with each pipeline run
  • Reusable targeting templates to avoid redundant, manual selection of desired audiences for every single flag treatment

*These are the first of many cool new integrations we hope to deliver as we expand our partnerships with Atlassian and Microsoft, both of which are also Split investors!

Create an Impact-Driven Culture

To help teams create an impact-driven culture through Split monitoring and experimentation, we’ve baked in more advanced statistical techniques for increased rigor and confidence while also allowing customers to control their risk tolerance for experiments.

Available today:

  • mParticle, Google Analytics, and Amazon S3 data integrations make it even easier to plug Split into your existing data pipelines for monitoring feature health and measuring its impact
  • Live tail view in our data hub allows you to quickly validate incoming event data and ensure Split is receiving the correct information
  • Welch’s T-test boosts the accuracy of results when your samples have unequal size or variance (which is true for nearly half of the rollout plans we see in Split)
  • Multiple comparison correction controls the false discovery rate, allowing you to track unlimited metrics with the same statistical rigor and confidence in your results
  • Experiment-level statistical settings will enable you to customize the significance threshold, review period, and minimum sample size for each experiment

Coming soon:

  • Dimensional analysis for your metrics to quickly determine why a metric was impacted by a new feature or change
  • Downloadable metrics impact so you can share with your teammates and collaboratively learn and decide whether to improve, kill, or roll out a new feature to more users

Control the Entire Feature Lifecycle

As your use cases and teams scale, the need to manage and govern the feature delivery lifecycle grows exponentially. We continue to invest in these capabilities to help you ensure security and compliance across your feature flags and experiments day to day.

Available today:

  • Approval flows help avoid errors and ensure compliance by requiring peer review before code changes in production take effect
  • My Work page and approval API endpoints make it easy to manage change requests
  • Admin API keys can now be scoped down to one or more environments in a workspace, allowing you to automate jobs for specific needs without worrying about accidentally making changes to feature flags and segments in another environment
  • User and group endpoints to our Admin API allow you to manage users and groups within your organization programmatically
  • Admin audit logs record all admin activities and can be accessed via webhook for reporting and compliance purposes

Coming soon:

  • Rollout board to easily view all feature flags and experiments in flight using customizable statuses
  • ServiceNow DevOps integration to manage Split change requests via ServiceNow and create customized policies for automatic vs. manual approvals, helping you stay compliant without slowing you down

The Best Part: Try It All For Free

Of course, I couldn’t just tell you about all these cool new features and leave you without any way to test them out for yourself. For the first time, we’re offering a 30-day trial to those interested in experiencing all of Split for free. With the new Split CLI, you can get started with Split in under five minutes AND manage your existing splits and segments — so really, you have nothing to lose here! We’ve also made further additions to our free edition, including API access, audit logging, and workflow integrations.

To share your input on our upcoming releases and test out the latest new features, join our Early Access Program and we’ll get in touch with you.

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