Integrate ServiceNow DevOps with Split

ServiceNow DevOps provides an automated change management engine that maintains appropriate governance in less time. Integrate Split with ServiceNow to automate the creation of change tickets and set up policies based on data within ServiceNow for automatic approvals.

How it works

In Split:

  • Configure ServiceNow as an approver for changes in the desired environments
  • Create an approval request to automatically generate a change ticket in ServiceNow

In ServiceNow:

  • Create a new policy specifying conditions that require automatic vs. manual approval of changes to a Split feature flag 
  • Once approved, ServiceNow will automatically call back to Split to implement feature flag changes
  • Easily run reports to track change requests and approvals for auditing and compliance, without having to request them from engineers

Why use it

  • Save time – generate a ServiceNow change request, receive approval, and have the feature flag automatically updated all within Split
  • Customize approvals – set decision criteria based on the amount of code changed, test results, or other conditions that must be met to automatically approve a change request
  • Streamlined change management – avoid errors and ensure compliance without slowing down the release process.

How to get started

Our ServiceNow DevOps integration is currently in development. Sign up for early access and have your feedback incorporated in the final product!