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Integrate Split with Google Analytics


About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard for web performance. 86% of top websites use it to report on web analytics, including performance and business metrics.

Google Analytics and Split

Split can both send and receive data from Google Analytics (GA). Send Split impression data to GA to easily segment reports by the set of users that have seen a specific feature. Send GA event data to Split to support feature-level monitoring and alerting of performance metrics and to power experiments that measure feature impact.

What can I do with the Split Google Analytics Integration?

Combine your feature flags and web performance data with Google Analytics and Split.

  • Track events in Google Analytics, access them automatically in Split. Send ‘hits’ from GA to Split so you don’t need to duplicate efforts and track them again in Split. Split’s metrics builder makes it easy to filter, calculate, and summarize events so you’re using exactly the metric definition you want.
  • Alert on new features that cause performance issues. Once your GA data is in Split, Split will automatically alert the teams responsible for features that degrade key performance metrics such as page load time.
  • Understand causality, not just correlation. Run experiments in Split based on engagement, conversion, and performance data in GA. Split randomizes experiments and performs statistical best practices so your team can understand the causal effects of a feature.
  • Analyze segments in Google Analytics using feature flag data from Split. Send impression data from Split to GA so you can quickly create user segments defined by exposure to a feature. Want to know the number of users that saw your new onboarding flow? Goal completions for your pricing experiment? Now you can do this all in GA.

Integrate Split with Google Analytics Today

Split and GA integrate through client-side SDKs. Send Split impression data to GA through our Javascript SDK. Send GA hits to Split using a Split plugin for GA’s SDK.