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Manage Feature Delivery with Jira and Split in Your Open DevOps Toolchain


The modern DevOps toolchain is customized to its team’s software development and business requirements. However, the right tools don’t come together on their own — they take hours to set up and configure. At best, this leads to a fragmented developer experience and endless toggling between tools, neither of which are conducive to speed.

In a shared mission of helping developers move faster, we’ve partnered with Atlassian to deliver a new Jira integration in support of Open DevOps, an open toolchain that combines Atlassian products and third-party tools into a seamless, all-in-one solution.

Split’s Jira Integration

Atlassian’s Jira offers flexible issue and project tracking with best-in-class agile tooling for software teams. Our new integration can be set up in minutes and allows you to connect Split feature flags and Jira issues so you can track projects and releases without constantly switching between tools.

Once configured, you’ll be able to associate Split feature flags with Jira issues and view corresponding information in both platforms. If you’re in Jira, you can connect an issue with an existing Split feature flag or create a new one. Alternatively, you can also connect Jira issues to a feature flag in Split.

Support Continuous Delivery

By making feature flags part of the issue creation process, engineers are encouraged to deploy code to production early and often by gating unfinished work behind feature flags. When ready for release, the Jira issue will automatically update to the current rollout status. For a percentage rollout, the Jira issue will display the percent of your user base exposed to the flag treatment along with the treatment name (on or off). If any other targeting rules are being applied, the Jira issue will display the total number of allowlists, traffic allocations, and targeting rules in effect.

Coordinate Across Teams

Having issue and feature flag information available in both platforms makes it easy for teams to collaborate and keep each other informed throughout the entire feature delivery lifecycle. If your teammate is about to ramp a feature flag to more users in Split, they can quickly check for any unresolved Jira issues before making the change and save time from having to confirm with you or manually search in Jira.

Manage Technical Debt

You can also quickly determine what feature flags are ready for code cleanup, preventing more technical debt from accumulating over time. On Split’s Environments page, you can see which feature flags have not been evaluated in the last week and may be ready for retirement. Clicking into each feature flag, you’ll be able to check the rollout status and if it has any unfinished Jira issues. If the feature is 100% released and all Jira issues are marked done, it’s safe to conclude you can remove the code.

Get Started Today

Check out our integration page for all the resources you need to set up Split’s Jira integration. Once you’re ready to start using the integration, here’s a quick tutorial on how to connect feature flags and issues in Jira and Split.

Learn More About Split and Atlassian Open DevOps

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