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The best feature management solutions do more than use feature flags to turn features ON and OFF. They connect insightful data to everything you release, eliminate hesitation from the software development process, and support modern practices like continuous delivery and progressive delivery. Nobody does feature management or feature flag management better than Split. And since it was built by developers for developers like you, no other company is more equipped to help you use it.

Why Split?


Why the Split Platform?

Speed & Safety
Feature Observability
Data-Driven Innovation
Enterprise Readiness
Built for Privacy

By decoupling deployment from release using feature flags (aka feature toggles) and connecting each feature to insightful data, teams can protect core infrastructure while safely testing and accelerating new feature releases and feature rollouts straight to production. This creates a faster release process with less risk of incidents, outages, or costly rollbacks that impact end users. In fact, the average company using Split gains about 10.7% engineering efficiency.

Release faster

Application monitoring tools, also known as observability tools, monitor your infrastructure as a whole. But, as you roll out more and more functionality, they have a hard time catching feature-related issues–especially when that feature is only seen by a small group of users, user base, or user segment. Split’s Instant Feature Impact Detection delivers feature observability, so you’re alerted directly to features in question, offering you a targeted resolution to issues monitoring tools miss. Expect an average MTTD in minutes and MTTR in seconds when triaging with Split.

Triage instantly

Split’s more than an ON/OFF switch. It’s a lever for data-driven innovation. A/B test, learn from real-time actionable metrics from user feedback, and iterate features without slowing down the development process. By connecting feature-level data to your feature experiments, Split lets you know what works, helping you make stronger product decisions that improve the user experience.

Why trust your gut, when you can follow the data?

Test and iterate quickly

If your organization is complex and highly regulated, you need serious security, reliability, and workflow management. No other feature management platform is more equipped for enterprises than Split. Our capabilities bring flexibility, control, and automation to far-reaching entities. Plus, our governance and data privacy is unmatched. When it comes to navigating the requirements of adopting new technologies at scale, don’t do it without Split.

Enterprise capabilities

Most platforms send feature flag data to a cloud-based server for further evaluation. Beware of the security risk in an architecture like this. Sensitive information, like customer PII, could end up in access logs and in the wrong hands. Split is the only platform built with in-app SDKs that cache feature flag rules locally to keep sensitive information safe inside your app and away from threats.

Privacy at Split

Why the Split Partnership?

Developer DNA
Expert Advisors
Self-Guided Resources
Scalable Packaging
Ignite Teams

Work with people who speak the same language and use the same toolkits as you. Split was made by developers, for developers, starting with our founders who set out to make the job more efficient and less stressful. Today, we continue to empower and support product development teams, drawing from our own personal experience shipping software.

Most platforms give you the keys without the knowledge to put it in overdrive. Not at Split. We offer formalized, custom advisory services for the organizations that require it. This includes Integration and Experimentation Advisors who help maximize platform adoption and develop your practice along the way. Let’s say you need to create custom integrations that work within your DevOps practices. We’re here to help you do it.

Adoption shouldn’t be a drag, even at scale. It should be a welcome trip to the Split Arcade. That’s why we give you access to trusted resources designed to ensure easy onboarding and on-going education. Level up your teams fast with the Split Arcade, an interactive learning module that onboards and certifies skillsets. Also, tap into our Best Practices Library as well as our robust technical documentation for how to’s, tips, and code tricks.

As you expand and progress in your practice, we’re built to grow alongside you. For small development teams, we offer a free package to kickstart your feature flagging. For larger, more risk averse companies, we offer more collaboration and governance features. If your needs change over time, we work directly with you, providing simple, flexible, and transparent pricing. Jump in; this partnership was designed to evolve as you go.

Overworked software teams are a revolving door. In fact, the annual turnover rate for devs is about 25%. At Split, we can help you boost morale and employee retention. We stick with you to support change management, inspiring cultures of experimentation and operational excellence. This brings back the joy of building software, igniting your team to be more productive. Not to mention it saves on recruitment and training. No other feature management partnership goes to these lengths.

Build Or Buy?


Some companies choose to save on subscription fees, and develop their own feature flag tools. Like any do-it-yourself solution, this doesn’t necessarily save money in the long run. Homegrown tools take time to build and implement. Plus, they aren’t always accurate, effective, or safe. They might even create more outages then they prevent. Finally, when weighing the cost of a homegrown tool, don’t forget to factor in maintenance expenses. On average, they cost about 25% of the initial build, year over year.

Our Customers Love Us


Split is a G2 leader in feature management for enterprise customers, and those who partner with us have a lot to say about their positive experiences. But don’t take it from us. Hear it from them:

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It just works. Easy to implement, does what it promises and de-risks many of our deployments. Happy customers.”

James Cameron-Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Experian

Split allows us to safely merge code with confidence.”

Jimmy Depetro, Head of Engineering, Wag

Split has been instrumental in our push to true agile processes. The ability to divorce deployment from release via feature flags has had an outsized impact in our ability to deliver new products to market faster than our competitors.

With the addition of configurations we can externalize values and settings in Split directly allowing our product team to pivot quickly and make changes immediately. This combined with the ability to run experiments based on splits and the ability to schedule changes in any environment positions us to achieve results that our competitors can only hope to achieve.”

V.P. of Engineering, MyCarrier

The system is very reliable, it has a good number of integrations already in place and works nicely with CDPs. The support team is amazing and they answer questions in a very timely manner. Also very helpful are the governance tools.

The python Admin API has also been very helpful in organizing experiments and building tools around’s service.”

Shobeir Seddington, Former Principle Data Scientist, GoPuff

Start For Free and Scale From There


Get started with easy-to-use feature flags.


Up to 10 seats

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Developer includes:

  • Client and server-side feature flags
  • Slack, Jira Cloud, Azure DevOps integrations and more
  • Rich API
  • Up to 50,000 monthly tracked keys


Manage your release process with security and governance.


per seat
per month

Starting at $330/month billed annually

Starting at $495/month billed annually

Starting at $660/month billed annually

Starting at $825/month billed annually



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Everything in Developer, Plus:

  • Rollout dashboard
  • SSO / SAML authentication
  • Role-based access controls
  • Self-guided learning program via Split Arcade


Move faster with data-driven decisions.


per seat
per month

Starting at $600/month billed annually

Starting at $1,500/month billed annually

Starting at $3,000/month billed annually

Starting at $4,500/month billed annually



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Everything in Team, Plus:

  • Dynamic configurations
  • Data import and export integrations
  • Monitor and experiment add on available
  • Customer success manager


Scale to the unique needs of a global enterprise.


Unlimited seats

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Everything in Business, Plus:

  • Workspace and API restrictions
  • Change management via approval workflows
  • SCIM support

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