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Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration

Powering Experimentation in Microsoft Azure

Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration is officially in Public Preview. This means Microsoft customers can now access Split experimentation capabilities natively within Azure. The new feature is fueled by Split’s partnership with Microsoft and is powered by the combined use of Azure App Configuration Feature Manager, Application Insights, and Split Software. By leveraging data from Application Insights, Azure teams doing progressive delivery can gain quantifiable insights that enable faster, safer product releases. 

Looking to get started with the new experimentation feature? Visit the Azure Marketplace.

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Experimentation + Feature Management = Faster, Safer Releases

Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration gives Azure developers a more efficient way to release changes that reduce the severity and duration of incidents while maximizing a positive impact from your features. Here’s how it benefits app developers.
Release Faster
Detection & Triage
Test & Iterate
Gain Autonomy

Why wait to slowly roll your experiments forward? If they perform well in a progressive rollout, Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration gives you insights right away to help you ship up to 50x faster. 

Know quickly if your features are creating a negative impact and catch release issues without disrupting the user experience. Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration can reduce your team’s Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR) to less than 1 minute.

Learn from every feature release you put forth, so you can make informed iterations. Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration eliminates the fear of making the wrong product decision or defaulting to the highest paid person in the room on what to do.

Run statistically rigorous experiments without relying on data science experts. Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration gives app developers the ability to independently test and interpret their own data as they feature flag.


See It in Action

Follow this step-by-step demo as it shows you how to release, learn, and iterate a sample e-Commerce website with Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration.

Azure Native Experimentation for Modern Practices

Monitored Rollouts

Stop worrying that your releases are breaking things. Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration provides feature-level observability to ensure you do no harm with everything you release. Measure against different business outcomes, technical operation metrics, or anything else your R&D team cares about.

Optimizing Intelligent (AI) Apps

It’s hard to have visibility and insight into the performance of your AI releases. Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration, lets you test, identify issues, and take instant action to ensure you’re rolling out with confidence.

A/B Testing

Need to run tests across the frontend, backend, and your mobile apps? Want to ensure every A/B test aligns to your business metrics? Split Experimentation for Azure App Configuration helps set up A/B tests and optimize them for success.

At the point engineers make deployments live, they want to understand how the features are performing, from a customer experience, user value, and system standpoint. We know that one of the big challenges developers face in understanding impact is how to get all of the data in the first place. Together with Split, we can now make that easy.

Balan Subramanian, Azure App Platform Service, Microsoft

Want to Know How It Works?

For detailed information on how this works and how to get started, check out Split’s 2-Page Overview.

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