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Develop & Deploy

  • Atlassian Jira integration – connect issues with feature flags and effortlessly keep your team up to speed on rollout details in Jira and related issues in Split
  • C++ SDK
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps integration – connect work items with feature flags; save time by creating Split feature flags directly in Azure DevOps and automatically configure rollout plans with each pipeline run
  • React Native SDK

Target & Release

  • Reusable targeting templates – avoid redundant, manual selection of desired audiences for every single flag treatment

Experiment & Monitor

  • Dimensional analysis – quickly determine why a metric was impacted by a new feature or change

Learn & Decide

  • Downloadable metrics impact – share with your teammates and collaboratively learn and decide on whether to improve, kill, or rollout a new feature to more users

Manage & Govern

  • Rollout board & statuses – view all feature flags and experiments in flight using customizable statuses
  • ServiceNow DevOps integration – manage Split change requests via ServiceNow and create customized policies for automatic vs. manual approvals, helping you stay compliant without slowing you down

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