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Integrate Split with mParticle

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About mParticle

mParticle is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that combines real-time data quality and governance protections with AI-powered insights and predictions.

"Enterprises rely on the mParticle Customer Data Platform to integrate customer data flows between multiple systems of record. Our partnership with Split allows our customers to unify feature-level context together with customer behavioral data, enabling product and engineering teams to focus on the highest impact features that drive business value.”
Jake Dell'Aquilla, VP Partnerships at mParticle

mParticle and Split

Split can both send and receive data from mParticle. Send Split impression data as a feed to mParticle, and use the feature-level data to enrich your data warehouse or CRM tools. Send mParticle event data to Split to power experiments that measure feature impact from metrics defined by your customer data.

What can I do with the Split mParticle Integration?

Combine your feature flags and customer data with mParticle and Split.

  • Easily plug into your existing mParticle data pipeline to import and export data. Split integrates as an mParticle feed to send data to other services and also ingests events from any mParticle integration. No need to track events a second time in Split, and no need to limit yourself to data tracked from the client’s browser.
  • Test and validate every feature. As you implement A/B tests in Split, you’ll automatically see metrics calculated based on your customer data from mParticle. For example, use CRM data such as NPS scores, average revenue per customer, or number of support tickets as metrics within Split. Use these experiments to quickly prove which features are best for your customers and your business.
  • Capture feature-level data in your data warehouse. Send a record of every feature flag in Split, called an impression, to mParticle for use in your data warehouse and analytics tools.