Integration with Split and Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers the ability to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Companies store big data from all corners of their business in S3.

Our integration can both send and receive data from Amazon S3. Ingest high-volume customer data from S3 into Split to combine with feature flag data for calculating key business metrics used to monitor controlled rollouts and run experiments on new features. Send feature flag data from Split to S3 to enrich customer data for deeper analysis in preferred BI and analytics tools.

What can I do with the Split Amazon S3 integration?

Easily combine all your customer data and feature flag data with Split and S3.

  • Bring all your data and feature flags together. Easily combine all your customer data and feature flags in Split to run experiments on new features and compare the impact of different feature flag treatments on key business metrics.
  • Enable out-of-the-box experimentation. Just getting started on experimentation? Split can ingest pre-existing customer data from S3 and retroactively calculate metrics on feature flag treatments. You can also add new metrics to running or concluded experiments, without reconciling data or restarting the experiment.
  • Transfer high-volume data safely and reliably. Ingest millions of events per minute from S3 far more reliably and efficiently than an ingestion API. With backup copies in S3, data is never lost in transit and is easily reconciled if the pipeline breaks.
  • Enrich existing data with feature-level context. Export feature flag data from Split to S3 where BI and analytics tools can access and use it to enrich customer data for deeper analyses.

Integrate with Split and Amazon S3 today

Setup the integration to ingest data from S3 to Split and send impression data from Split to S3.