Split powers your product decisions
with a unified solution for feature flagging
and experimentation.

Feature flags reduce risk of
Continuous Delivery

  • Safely rollout new functionality
  • Measure impact of features on engineering KPIs
  • Centralize feature flag management across teams
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Experimentation measures value
delivered by each feature

  • Rapidly iterate to refine functionality
  • Measure impact of features on product metrics
  • Power product decisions across the full stack
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1 Feature flag
2 Rollout
3 Track events
4 Measure outcomes

Why Split?

Trusted by Engineers

Split speaks the many languages of the modern application stack and is architected for sophisticated user targeting, data privacy, and performance at scale.

Built for Cross-Functional Teams

Split removes cross-functional dependencies, empowering engineering and product teams to control their own feature releases and experiments.

Empowering Data-Driven Product Decisions

Every feature is an experiment. Split ingests event data from any source, statistically measuring the impact of each change across engineering KPIs, product metrics, and business outcomes.

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