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Who’s getting it right? Who’s trying to break through? What are today’s top priorities for agile software teams? Based on a survey of 353 software professionals, this proprietary research provides valuable insights into the emerging feature management and experimentation category. Download it today. Then benchmark your feature release cadence against the industry, so you can learn to lead it.

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Feature Management & Experimentation Adoption and Tools

The state of feature management and experimentation reflects a field in flux. When it comes to actual implementation capabilities, some respondents are already using tools like a release manager. Most respondents, however, are not fully successful yet. If a high proportion of respondents consider management and experimentation critical to successful digital experiences, why do only about a third actually do it? Also, why are only about half looking into it?

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  • Performance Measurements

    Survey results show that respondents cannot measure the performance for half or more of their releases. Keep an eye on your release progress with proper release monitoring.
  • Measuring Business Impact

    A mature organization should be able to measure business impact, such as by connecting event data to key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Technical Debt

    Technical debt is relevant to feature management and experimentation because excessive technical debt will slow down a developer team’s ability to innovate and experiment with new features.
  • Performance Issues & Consequences

    This is a highly problematic state to be in— where fears of negative repercussions for software changes create hesitation when introducing new features.

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About Feature Management & Experimentation

A software feature comes into existence after a careful analysis of user behavior and product management deliberations. As a result, a new class of software development tools has emerged to enable product development teams to track how various features are performing. Tools like feature flags allow for shorter development cycles and to assess whether a feature has helped or hindered elements like UX, among other factors. A big bang release can disrupt your release velocity, we’ll show you how to manage your release frequency.

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  • Feature-Level Measurement & Experimentation

  • Feature Management & Experimentation Capabilities

  • Feature Delivery Priorities

  • Shorten Development Cycles

Split Series: Away From The Keyboard

What brings Matt Winchester fulfillment in his job is finding new efficiencies. Before Split, it took 20 people to release one feature in one hour. Now it takes one person from Matt’s team just five minutes. 

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