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Flagship 2022: How Experian Accelerated Release Velocity by 50X

Mirza Baig, VP Engineering, talks value of adopting feature management best practices and the ROI he has seen from empowering and enabling teams with Split.

Watch this engineering-focused session to explore the process the Experian team took to drive culture change, speed up deployment cycles, and scale operations by such an impressive scale.

Mirza Beg, Vice President of Engineering at Experian Consumer Services, shares the company’s journey with Split and feature toggles, highlighting how they transitioned from two releases a month to a hundred releases a month.

The goal was to become a high-performance engineering team, focusing on frequent deployments, reliability, team autonomy, and quality of life. Initially, they faced challenges with stressful releases, coordination issues, and lack of control. They addressed these by adopting Split and feature flags, allowing incremental launches, reducing dependencies, and increasing control over releases.

The journey involved changing the development mindset, implementing the right tools, and gaining cross-team buy-in. Over time, teams embraced Split, leading to improved deployment practices, experimentation, and continuous learning. Despite initial resistance, the transformative nature of Split enabled the company to achieve its goals and significantly increase deployment frequency. Mirza emphasizes that while it’s a journey, small steps and persistence lead to success.

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