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Defining the Future of Feature Management Through Control, Insight & Action at Flagship ‘22


To those who caught my product roadmap keynote at Flagship 2022, thank you for tuning in. If you missed out, no worries! In this post, I’ll summarize what I shared at the conference.

Split Feature Data Platform: Your System-of-Record for Features

Applications are now broken down into thousands of features, and features have become the new unit of measurement and control. Every feature represents an opportunity to affect customer experience and learn about customer preferences. We understand the challenges companies face and the critical nature of the developer experience, so we spent the last 6 years creating Split.

Let’s quickly review what got us here. 2021 was a blockbuster year. We launched the first version of Rollout Boards, and a ton of API enhancements. Not to mention, we launched integrations with key partners like Microsoft Azure.

It was during this time that we saw an emerging need for a centralized platform that acts as your system of record for features. This platform should scale with your use of feature flags, helping to bring value across the entire Feature Delivery Lifecycle. Many of our customers get started with basic on-off toggles that personalize end-user experiences. To allow them to grow into robust experimenters, the platform must have deep integration. This deeply integrated platform is Split’s Feature Data Platform.

Split’s Feature Data Platform represents years of development, bringing together our best-in-class capabilities to give you control over what matters, insight into why things happen, and the ability to take decisive action.

Our products are built on top of this single integrated platform, drawing from the same base components and a single source of truth. As a result, it’s easy for you to move between products.

Split’s Feature Management product leverages core components of administration, targeting, governance and automation.

Our Monitoring and Experimentation products leverage our stats engine and continuous analysis capabilities.

And of course, we provide the data pipelines to push and pull data through our Integrations Hub and automation layer.

Looking forward, we’ve charted our roadmap starting with External Feature Flag sources. We’ve designed each subsequent new feature in service of improving your control, insight, and action.

Extending Split’s Capabilities, No Matter the Flag

Feature flags are gradually becoming table stakes among top-performing development teams. Many teams are starting their journey with feature flags by going open source or developing their own homegrown tool. As teams get familiar with these basic tools, they soon hit a wall that prevents them from tackling meaty problems at scale. Those tools alone are not enough for managing the lifecycle of flags, understanding impact through experimentation, and communicating through integrations throughout the management stack.

While we’d love for every team to migrate from those tools onto Split for their basic feature flagging, we understand that some tools are deeply embedded and hard to replace. There’s also the possibility (gasp!) you like that tool and want to keep it. That’s why we’ve made the bold decision to open up Split’s Feature Data Platform to 3rd party and homegrown feature flag data.

In 2022, we will launch:

External Feature Flags

Better understand and manage your features with pre-built connectors to Microsoft Azure Feature Manager, Unleash and Split.rb, with more integrations on the way.

Read more about this industry-first announcement.

Expanding Split’s Adoption of Next-Gen Technologies

Developers are over 60% of our daily users, and the developer experience is something we always have top of mind. This year we are investing to make it easier to integrate Split into your application, support next-generation development models and streamline your targeting needs.

In 2022, we will launch:

C++, Flutter, Angular, and React Server Side Rendering

We’re increasing the number of natively supported languages and frameworks to integrate Split Feature Flags into your application.

Split at the Edge

With Split’s SDK optimized to live within edge compute environments, customers will experience ultra-low latencies.

Semantic Version Targeting

Simplify targeting with native semantic version matcher. You no longer need to use regex targeting criteria when targeting different mobile application versions to receive different experiences.

Control the Features in Your Development Lifecycle

Control means managing the lifecycle of your feature flags, as well as governing who has access to features and data, within the Split application.

In 2022, we will launch:

Support for SCIM

Make onboarding & offboarding users faster, by bringing your existing users and groups into Split from your identity management solution.

Workspace View Permissions

Provide administrators the ability to limit view access of certain workspaces to certain users in an organization.

Attribute Dictionary

Improve the experience of dynamic, attribute-based targeting by selecting from a list of known attributes and values. Enables more powerful targeting while reducing friction and mistakes.

Rollout Templates

Make it simpler to configure and rollout features by providing users better templating and reusability in-product.

Get Insight Into Your Feature Performance

Insight means having the ability to analyze multiple streams of data simultaneously while measuring impact and uncovering statistically significant relationships. You may want to know whether a guardrail metric unexpectedly crossed a threshold, or you may want to run an experiment to reveal the winning version of a new feature.

In 2022, we will launch:

Sequential Testing

Providing you with always-valid results. Instead of running a test for a predetermined period of time, you will be able to look at your results, and stop the test at any point, while maintaining the same high level of accuracy.

Multi-Armed Bandit

The Split platform automatically adjusts your target criteria throughout the experiment based on the performance of your treatments.

Deliver Outcomes With Action

Our customers care about delivering outcomes and driving business value. Action is the bridge to having true organizational impact. When coupled with control and insight, action creates a remarkably powerful framework to empower agile transformation.

In 2022, we will launch:

Automation Layer

A dedicated automation layer moving from a decentralized action experience, one that depends on alerts and integration, to a centralized one.

Integrations Hub

A centralized way to integrate with your technology stack. Split’s integrations hub will give users the ability to quickly connect to a growing list of partners both upstream and downstream.

Intelligent Automated Rollouts

Built on Split’s automation layer, automated rollouts allow you to establish your rollout criteria, e.g., scheduling, while being protected by Split’s monitoring and alerts.

Give Us Your Feedback

Thank you for being on this journey with us as we endeavor to build the best tools possible to give you the control, insight and action you need to deliver true organizational impact.

To share your input on our upcoming releases and test out the latest new features, join our early access program at

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