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Using Audit Logs as a Source of Truth for Feature Rollouts

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In the course of using our own platform over the years, one of the unexpected benefits from using Split is that we’ve been able to leverage our audit logs as a source of truth across the company. Audit logs give us a record of what the current customer experience is and how that experience has changed. For us, it’s been incredibly helpful to easily understand the who, what, and where of every change to the customer experience. As our team at Split has grown into multiple squads, this has helped us scale to manage the release of multiple features across multiple teams at once.

When bugs have inevitably been introduced, it has been immensely helpful to be able to go through our own audit logs to see what the most recent changes were to more easily triage what went wrong. Similar to how engineering teams have historically looked to find the most recent PR before a code deploy to roll it back, we’re able to just go through our audit logs to find offending features and turn them off immediately.

In fact, one customer this past week commented that on a Friday night, from their couch while watching a movie with their family, they were able to use our audit logs to see what split had been recently enabled causing critical business data to be dropped and which teammates to flag the critical issue on a Friday evening. In that moment, he recognized and praised Split’s logging.

Beyond that, when we were working on our SOC 2 Type 2 certification, it was incredibly helpful to have a robust set of audit logging already built into our product so that we could provide clear answers on all changes for compliance purposes. It’s one of the main reasons, some of the top financial institutions and healthcare companies have also chosen to use Split.

Now Easily Diff, Comment, and Find Your Logs

To make this functionality even more powerful, we’re excited to announce the release of additional enhancements to make our audit logs easier to use. When making changes to a split, segment, or metric, users will now be prompted with a diff of their change to allow them to double check the change and make sure it’s what they intend. Additionally, users can now add in a comment to provide even more context to their teammates about the why and what of their change.

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As part of this change, we’ve also created a new audit logs tab on every object that shows all changes so that anyone can easily see and understand how the release of a feature has gone to date.

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We’re excited to see how our customers will leverage this new functionality to track how their user experience is changing. But, we’re not done! Providing more mechanisms for team’s to become more rigorous with how they make changes to their feature rollout plans will be coming soon. As always, make sure to subscribe to our releases to be the first to hear about the new features that we’ll be releasing in early 2020!

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