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Carol Jang

Unleash the Power of Feature Flags + Data with Split, Dynatrace, and Mixpanel

Split has several integrations, and today we are excited to announce our two latest integrations with Dynatrace and Mixpanel.

Manage Feature Delivery at Scale with Split’s Industry-First Feature Rollout Dashboard

We’re excited to introduce our new Statuses and Rollout board functionalities, making it easy to manage flags and experiments at any scale, for any team.

Reduce Release Risk and Recovery Time with Datadog and Split

Protecting and improving the digital experience is top of mind for every business today. Many of these businesses rely on solutions like Datadog to monitor application performance and user experience on their platform and underlying tech stack. We are excited… Read more

Manage Feature Delivery with Jira and Split in Your Open DevOps Toolchain

In a shared mission of helping developers move faster, we’ve partnered with Atlassian to deliver a new Jira integration in support of Open DevOps.

Keystone Flags: Feature Flagging With Less Mess

Keystone flags deliver all the safety benefits of feature flagging while minimizing the cruft that those same feature flags can add to your code.

Enhance Jest for Better Feature Flag Testing in JavaScript

By adding some custom extensions to Jest you can test your feature-flagged code in a declarative, expressive way.

Out-of-the-Box Experimentation on High-Volume Data with Amazon S3 and Split

Split’s new data integration with Amazon S3 is the first of its kind allowing companies to bring high-volume customer data directly from their S3 bucket.

Feature Flag Flow: The Key to Sane Feature Flag Management

By focusing on feature flag flow, teams can reap the full benefits of feature flagging while also keeping the number of active flags to a manageable level.

A Simple Guide to Reactive Java with Spring Webflux

In this tutorial, you will create a reactive web service using Spring Boot and Spring Webflux, with a little help from Spring Initializr and HTTPie.