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Kevin Li

Visualize All Your Feature Flags and Experiments in Rollout Board

To properly visualize releases, we’re developing a Rollout Board feature that will allow you to quickly manage the statuses of your feature flags.

Diversity + Inclusion at Split, Meet Kevin Li

As we begin the work we should have begun long ago, we’d like to introduce you to the Splitters who will be leading our DEI taskforce, beginning with Product Manager Kevin Li.

Go From PR to 100% Fast with ‘My Work’, Live Now

Today we’re introducing My Work, an overview of your features within Split. My Work will become the default view where you land when you log in to Split.

Stay Compliant with Feature Flag Approval Flows

Feature flag approval flows make it easy to review changes before production, stay compliant with regulation, and see the status of every feature.

Using Audit Logs as a Source of Truth for Feature Rollouts

Audit logs make it easy to stay compliant and find feature flag changes made by your team. We’ve now made it easy to diff, comment, and find your logs.

Find which feature caused an error with our new Sentry Integration

When we speak to our customers, one of the most common reasons they say they made the move towards feature flags was the need to make sure their releases didn’t cause more errors for their users. By leveraging feature flags… Read more

Dynamic Configurations: Run more experiments without changing code

We’re excited to announce the release of dynamic configurations. You will now be able to attach configurations to your treatments to instantly change components of your features without needing an engineer to make any code changes.

Split Workspaces: Managing Experiments and Feature Flags across teams and projects at scale

Announcing the release of Split Workspaces, giving our customers the ability to easily separate feature flag management and feature experimentation across their products and applications. This comes as a direct result of our experience onboarding our customers onto the Split experimentation platform over the years.